Monday, June 19, 2017

Gratitude Monday --Saskatchewander Edition

We arrived back home late Friday after two wonderful weeks in the province next door.
Saskatchewan has a great deal going for it with respect to nature, especially birds, and this was our two week birding tour.
We saw owls and ducks and geese and lark buntings and horned larks and pelicans and many, many others.
I am grateful for all of it.
One of the best things to do when away is find the little places, the restaurants in the small towns where the locals go. Part of that is discovering menu items unique to the area, even to the eatery.
One such delight was the Harvest Moon Cafe in Val Marie, SK. One of the desserts on offer was fried saskatoon perogies served with ice cream.
Who could pass that up?
Not us.
It was very tasty and for it I am grateful