Monday, October 30, 2017

Gratitude Monday - Spanakopita Substitution Edition

Tortillas can be used to make spanakopita, and for it I am grateful.
I love the spinach and feta pie. It is one of my favourite things, but phyllo pastry is beyond me and I intend on keeping it that way.
Yesterday I made spanakopita and used two tortillas in place of the pastry. I used a brand containing gluten because I can get away with a bit of it and they are much easier to work with. I found just the right pan, not quite as big as the tortilla so I could bring the sides up a bit, and heated the tortilla just enough.
Once the filling was in I put a second tortilla on top and tucked it in around the edges because it seemed like the right thing to do. It got a good coating of olive oil to keep it from getting all hard and crispy.
It worked.
The spanakopita pastry substitution was tasty and not all that involved to make.
For that I am grateful.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Gratitude Monday - The Blob Edition

I had an entity attachment the other day and I am grateful I remembered what to do about it.
On the whole it wasn't a bad one, as attachments go, but neither was it a healthy thing to have hanging around.
I discovered it during my regular morning meditation. I am grateful for that and for me meditating almost every morning, because that means it wasn't there very long.
That said, its energy tentacles, if you will, has encroached far enough in that it took a bit of effort to get shed of it properly.
It appeared as a whitish blob of thick energy located at my left hip. Its tentacles were deep in my guts, but it was not malevolent. I think it just needed some energy and found me.
I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. While I have no formal training in clinical depossessions, I do know how to do them and have done them on myself in the past. But it had been years and I had no intention of fooling around so I asked for both Jesus and the Archangel Michael to be present and help me.
Jesus is always good for an energy boost and the Archangel Michael is great for cutting energy cords.
Also, bringing in the big guns in these cases is never wrong.
So I found Blobby and spoke with it while the Big Guys were on standby. Blobby seemed quite simple. It didn't say much, but made it clear my energy was just what it needed as no one loved it.
I had to convince it otherwise and insist it detach from me. It was most reluctant, but did. The tentacles seemed to lengthen as it pulled them out.
This bothered me for a variety of reasons so I had Archangel Michael cut them, then he and Jesus swept them out of me while I sent Blobby on its way.
Once it was gone we three fixed up the hole in my energy where it had been and filled it with love. It is the best weapon.
I am grateful I knew what to do, grateful I had the sense to ask for help, and grateful I received it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Gratitude Monday --What A Crock Edition

Because my husband is also taking acupuncture treatments and because he has a job and because we have to drive 50 miles to get acupuncture, our appointments are set for late afternoon, 5 p.m.
That means the evening meal is either something in the city, which is great, or  eating when we get home, also great.
To do the latter means a bit of planning and that's where the crock pot comes in. I can throw a few things in it in the morning and have food waiting when we get home.
All it takes is a bit of planning. I need an idea for what to prepare as well as a few minutes to put everything in the crock pot. The latter is easy. The former takes a bit of thinking at times.
When it all flows together we come home to a hot, home cooked meal.
For it, and for the crock pot which makes it possible, I am grateful.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Gratitude Monday--Thanksgiving Edition

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I am grateful for the holiday, but I think it is important to be thankful all the time, not just once a year, or even once a week as it seems by my blog.

We had our Thanksgiving meal on Saturday for convenience reasons and I am grateful that we had a turkey and all which goes with it. And that brings me to my gratitude this week.


We get squashes from Mike's parents. They are tasty enough and I am happy to have them, but as a veggie goes, they are adequate in my view. I've found a few ways to prepare them and that's all good, but on Saturday, I found the best way ever.
When I roast a turkey I put all the veggies in with the bird so all the flavours can get to know one another, exchange essences, and strive toward the greater good. On Saturday I threw in cubed squash.
I am so very grateful that I did because squash roasted in turkey juices is about the best thing ever.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gratitude Monday - Seasoning Edition

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the cooling off, the changing leaves, the sense that the immediate world is preparing for its quiet time.
What I  really love is I get to use the oven. This opens my world back up to roasted meats, roasted vegetables, soups, stews, and cookies and cakes and pies.
I am grateful for the cooler weather, and I even look forward to winter.

The weather lends itself to kitchen experiments, playing around more with herbs and spices to see how they fare  or even changing up how one sweetens a thing.
To that end yesterday I made peanut butter cookies and threw in some molasses to see what would happen.
I am grateful they are tasty.