Monday, October 23, 2017

Gratitude Monday - The Blob Edition

I had an entity attachment the other day and I am grateful I remembered what to do about it.
On the whole it wasn't a bad one, as attachments go, but neither was it a healthy thing to have hanging around.
I discovered it during my regular morning meditation. I am grateful for that and for me meditating almost every morning, because that means it wasn't there very long.
That said, its energy tentacles, if you will, has encroached far enough in that it took a bit of effort to get shed of it properly.
It appeared as a whitish blob of thick energy located at my left hip. Its tentacles were deep in my guts, but it was not malevolent. I think it just needed some energy and found me.
I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. While I have no formal training in clinical depossessions, I do know how to do them and have done them on myself in the past. But it had been years and I had no intention of fooling around so I asked for both Jesus and the Archangel Michael to be present and help me.
Jesus is always good for an energy boost and the Archangel Michael is great for cutting energy cords.
Also, bringing in the big guns in these cases is never wrong.
So I found Blobby and spoke with it while the Big Guys were on standby. Blobby seemed quite simple. It didn't say much, but made it clear my energy was just what it needed as no one loved it.
I had to convince it otherwise and insist it detach from me. It was most reluctant, but did. The tentacles seemed to lengthen as it pulled them out.
This bothered me for a variety of reasons so I had Archangel Michael cut them, then he and Jesus swept them out of me while I sent Blobby on its way.
Once it was gone we three fixed up the hole in my energy where it had been and filled it with love. It is the best weapon.
I am grateful I knew what to do, grateful I had the sense to ask for help, and grateful I received it.


messymimi said...

It is always smart to fill back up with love. Jesus talked about when an evil is sent away, it can wander looking for a place, and will often try to come back. If it finds the former home swept and clean but empty, it brings seven more even worse than itself to come and make themselves at home.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Blobby! So happy you let them know they are loved. All we need is love!!! 🎶

Leah J. Utas said...

Messymimi, thank you. I did not know that it could come back with reinforcements. I keep that in mind and make doubly sure to not give it a chance should this happen again.

Kimberley, it's the only way to get them to leave. And every creature is loved, whether they accept it or not.