Saturday, September 30, 2017

In This Life

I've danced around it enough in my life and online, but it is time to admit a truth that is both difficult and freeing: I am of extra- terrestrial stock.

What does that mean?
I will do my best to explain.

On the one hand I am fully human. Human birth into human life from human parents into a human family.
But the other hand tells me that the odd happenings of my life that return in dreams offering  glimpses of otherness while trying to define the otherness in a way my human mind can grasp go beyond the confines of simple Earth life.
I consider ETs my people. When I was young I considered them my real family. I know in my heart they have contacted me. While I regret having no conscious memory of it, I am sure it is for a reason. And I am equally sure I set it up this way for my own good.

Some memories have stuck with me over the decades. I have written on the blog about the clown drawn in grease pencil on a barn wall. I know a visitor put it there because I have never forgotten the day it happened. It plays in my mind frequently.
 In the last few years I have remembered more, how it didn't start as a clown, but morphed into it from fear.
Originally, after the visitor told me couldn't visit me anymore I would go into the barn and gaze at the drawing, remembering our talks.  It wasn't until years later that I understood I am the only one who ever saw the drawing.
I have remembered that during our talks we spoke about my role here, what I was to do in this life. I don't recall what it is. I very much want to, because I want to make sure I do it.
But I believe, now, that part of it is talking openly about the experiences. There are many, many different races in the Universe and I don't know which one I am from, but I do know, among other things, I am a bridge between them and us.

Here's another example:

During a past-life regression in the early nineties I went to a lifetime in Peru thousands of years ago where I was an alien. My current husband was a friend in those days. In the scene I went to he and I had been walking through the rainforest and were stopped on the crest of a large hill. The hill led to a valley and the valley led to a small mountain probably a hundred miles away, if not more.
In it was our base and it was were I was headed. I was excited to go there, but saddened that my friend, being human, could not go with me.
We parted at the hill and I was at the base in an eye blink.

I've always felt I had something to do in life and it always felt big and important. Important comes in many forms. Perhaps my role isn't so big, but it is still important.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- South American Way Edition

Today I am grateful for a book I picked up at a garage sale in Inuvik almost 20 years ago.
The Art of South American Cookery by Myra Waldo, (copyright 1961 by Myra Waldo Schwartz, published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.)
Because right now we have plenty of tomatoes and corn and squash along with potatoes and onions and all manner of other fresh vegetables. I needed things to do with them and a South American cookbook is about the best resource ever.
I used this book years ago and then set it aside, not picking it up again until this past weekend.
The reason is the other day we found a good deal on corn, 10 cobs for $3.50. The other veggies I mentioned above are straight from the in-laws' gardens and happily filling our kitchen.
Corn tamales to which I added squash, tomato-onion salad that I decided needed an avocado,  the corn topping from a corn-potato casserole that became a side dish for roasted vegetables and chicken have all made it to the table, and they've all been tasty.
I am grateful for that, too.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Quiet Time Edition

I am grateful for my hard line phone. It never occurred to me to be grateful for it, and for that I am sorry.
I didn't realize how much I depended on it until it was gone.
Not completely gone, just not working.
It started yesterday, apparently some time before early afternoon although it did work at one point after it wasn't working.
My sister called somewhere around 2 p.m. so we had no reason to believe our phone was out. However, Mike's mom had been trying to call well before that time and only got a busy signal.
We discovered the problem when he tried to call his mom around 5 p.m.
Telus tried to fix it, but couldn't.  For scheduling reasons, there's and mine, a repair person won't be here until Wednesday.
I am grateful it will be attended to. I know all will be well, and for a few days, quiet.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Now Open Edition

We had a new garage door opener installed last week. The act of opening the garage is now smooth and silent and for it I am grateful.
The door had a few things go wrong including one of its two springs. This meant a new style of bar with an outside spring to replace it. We hoped replacing it would cured the matter. We did not know there were other problems lurking behind it.

A local company did the work. This is good.  The nice men checked things over the day we called and set an appointment for the middle of the following week.
The initial replacement of the bar and spring was done quickly. The door still did not shut properly.
We could have lived with it, but it meant holding the button down until the door closed, and who knows how long that maneuver would have worked.
I said put in a new opener and they did so right then and there. The work was done quickly and efficiently.
I am grateful for that, and I am especially grateful that the new unit does not give off an annoying creaking, grinding sound when it operates.
It is all good.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Making Contact Edition

Last week I decided to ask the Universe what to do about an irritated, and occasionally bleeding, throat.
We've been breathing smoke from fires in B.C. for most of the summer and that's what's irritated my throat.
To make it more fun, there are now two fires burning not far west of here.

I am grateful I thought to ask, and am doubly grateful two different sources told me the very same thing: honey and hot water.
Both my angels and the mineral kingdom in the form of a malachite told me this.
Both said to do it three times a day and that the dosage at bedtime was the most important.
While neither said exactly how much to use, the angels are good about showing me pictures.  In my mind I saw a tall glass from my cupboard  about half-full. Based on the colour of the contents I guessed it at two teaspoons of honey in about six ounces of hot water.
I have been doing this. It works.
I am so grateful.