Monday, November 28, 2016

Gratitude Monday - Apple Pie Order Edition

I'd been thinking of apple pie. This led me to the logical consequence: I baked one.
I am grateful for a number of things involved in this including Robin Hood Gluten Free Flour. It makes the best pie crust ever.
I am grateful my husband brought home some apples, and I am grateful I know how to bake pie.
We still have some cake around so the pie will go in the freezer for a few days. That's fine because just having it around and available will do for now.
In a few days the pie will be all the better.
Here is said pie:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gratitude Monday - Simmering Pot of Welcome Edition

Yesterday afternoon we came back from a movie to a pot of turkey soup simmering on the stove.
There's something about the fragrance and warmth of soup on a cold day that makes a person feel welcome, and for that feeling I am grateful.

Granted, this may sound a bit odd as I made the soup and I walked into my own house. But the feeling overwhelmed me. This was home. It was warm and welcome and inviting.
I am not sure this is the kind of things we usually feel when we walk in our own door.
It was an eye opener, and a heart opener, and it was wonderful.

If you've never felt this way about your own home, or never realized that you do, then I strongly recommend taking a moment the next time you walk through your own door to check how you feel.
To be clear I am not speaking of how good it feels to get home after a long, hard day at work, or coming home from the hospital, or a long flight.
I'm asking you to notice how it feels after walking the dog or taking out the garbage, or any other routine activity.
Feel the gratitude of being in your place in the world and if there's a simmering pot of welcome on the stove when you get there, even better.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- Adjustment Edition

I am very grateful for chiropractors. We have four in town. Over the years I have been to all of them and I can say they are all good.
I am grateful for that, too.

I'm currently grateful because just over two weeks ago I had a midnight hairball attack. I coughed so hard I pulled muscles in my back, sides, and stomach/diaphragm.

There's not a lot one can do when muscles are pulled. Mostly they need rest. These are core muscles, they are used for everything. It's not so easy to rest them.
As part of the fun I also managed to mess up my back and that meant a visit to the chiropractor.
I won't lie: it hurt like hell.
I won't lie again: it sure helped.

One visit wasn't enough. I had to go again on Saturday morning. This visit also hurt, but I am grateful I went because I can move better for it.
In fact, my back feels pretty good.
Stomach and sides are coming along slowly, but I know I'll be fine soon.
If there had been no chiropractor I'd be faring much worse.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- Thanks, Obama Edition

I am grateful the US has had such a good president for the past eight years.
Barack Obama has governed with dignity, grace, respect, a strong mind, and a warm heart.
His presidency has been without scandal while he has been the target of hatred, racism, and blocking from republicans.
He rose above it all and set a very high standard.
What happens tomorrow is up to the American voting public.  It's their business, not mine, but their decision will be heard around the world.
We can only wait and see, but for right now, thank you, Mr. President.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Photo-Finish Friday --Displeased Baboon Edition

This baboon is displeased with tourist shenanigans.