Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When A Sign Is Obvious

It was a difficult decision to change dentists.
I had good service at the clinic I'd been at. The dentistry was above reproach and the hygeniest did a great job cleaning my teeth. In fact, back when I switched to that clinic a few years ago it was knowing that she worked there that made me decide to go.
But the economy has tanked and that dentist charged more than the insurance paid.
It made me look at the dentist my husband uses.  Generally speaking the insurance covers her procedures.
But the fact was I couldn't decide.
When that happens I ask God/Universe/All That is for a sign.
I always ask that the sign offered be hit-me-over-the-head obvious.
If it isn't, then I likely won't pick up on it.
About two days after asking I had to get my glasses adjusted. As I sat in the office waiting in walked a dental assistant from the dental office I was thinking of switching to.
It had to be a sign.
I thanked the Universe and the following Monday made the switch.
As noted in yesterday's post it has all worked well.
Thank you Universe for the sign, for making it obvious enough for me to figure out, and for everything working out well.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gratitude Monday --Tooth And Consequences Edition

I am grateful for how well things turn out.

I recently changed dentists.  I needed to get my teeth cleaned plus there is always a new patient intake exam.  Dentists are commonly booked solid for several weeks and such was the case with this one. No appointments were available until March,
I went to the office last Monday to get everything set and darned if hadn't been a cancellation for Wednesday.
This alone is something for which to be grateful.

I'd been having a bit of trouble with a front tooth. It felt like an abcess from time to time, but it was a tooth long dead.  Next to it on the left I'd just had an implant done and had decided against a temporary tooth.  The general area got irritated, usually after eating potato chips. But I'd rise with salt water and lay off the chips and all was well until next time.
During the cleaning it was discovered that implant on the right of the deceased was the problem.
An appointment was set up for me with the clinic where I'd gotten this done 15 years ago.
I go tomorrow.  Not only is this fast, the dentist I am seeing spends a great deal of time travelling and lecturing. This week he is in, shortly afterward he'll he off again.
I am grateful to have been seen quickly by the local dentists and by the one I see tomorrow.
It has all worked out very well.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Gratitude Monday --Oil Better Edition

Back in November I started oil pulling and I am grateful to Carla Birnberg and this post of hers for it.

I did it the morning I read about it, just to see. I felt really good afterward. Too good in some ways as I had so much energy I cleaned.
On the third morning of oil pulling I swept behind the refrigerator.  I am grateful for that as it did need it.
I told my husband about it on the first day so he tried it.  That night he did not snore.
We've both kept at it mostly with coconut oil though occasionally switching out to olive oil.
His food allergies are better.

We've been at it almost two months now. I've read that it takes about three months for all the good stuff from it to kick in. Whether that happens or not I am grateful today for all the good it has done us.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- Warm and Easy Edition

The thermostat is behind me as I sit at my desk.
If I am cold I can turn around, press an arrow, and get more heat.

It was -27C here on Saturday. We went out into the world to Red Deer and saw "The Hateful Eight."
A wonderful movie and I strongly recommend it, but if you are already cold watching a movie set in a mountain blizzard does not help.
Further, the theatre itself was cold. It wasn't just me, either.Husband wore gloves and a tuque during the show.
Despite it warming up considerably yesterday--for which I am grateful-- I still tapped up the house temperature a few degrees.
It felt good.

Today it is back to the usual temperature, at least for now.
If I am too cold I can increase the heat easily. I need only decide to do it, and for it I am grateful.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- A Spectacular Winter Day Edition

We went for a drive out west yesterday. We went along the Forestry Trunk Road. That won't mean much to most readers, but know that it is gravel, narrow, and has foothills and/or mountains on each side plus some flats.
We stopped at the Elk Creek Fish Pond and did a bit of snowshoeing then went on to Ram Falls where we walked to the falls but not down the stairs to the lookout.
From there we continued north to Nordegg where we saw a herd of wild horses down the hill from the industrial area.
It was a spectacular winter day; warm and bright and blue and white.
I spent it in the mountains and in the company of my husband and I am grateful for each of them.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Photo-Finish Friday -- Lead On

Wherever the path of 2016 takes me, I am ready.

Happy New Year.