Monday, July 25, 2016

Gratitude Monday --Up The Creek Edition

We went to Kananaskis* on Saturday to do a bit of hiking, have a picnic, and look around.
I'd thought to check out what we took to be a hike along a creek. We'd had a picnic at King's Creek last year and saw people coming back from the hike.

So we did.

Except it's not a listed hike.
It's just a trail along and across the creek and it crosses the creek several times. It's a shallow, fast moving mountain stream and not all that wide. The crossings are done on logs and stones in assorted configurations.
I am not confident in my balance so these were difficult. Eventually I'd had enough and we turned back.
During a return crossing I slipped. One foot went to the streambed. The other was still on a log.
I was on my back wondering if this is how a turtle feels when it is flipped on its shell.
The most efficient way to get back up was to put the other foot in the water, too.
Mike helped me the rest of the way across the creek and thankfully, it was the last time we needed to cross.

I'd been scared the whole hike that I'd fall. I tried not to as what you fear is what you manifest, but the fear won.
On the whole the mountain stream was quite refreshing.
I am grateful that I only got wet to my shins. I am grateful for my new hiking shoes that dried quickly.
I am grateful for the day in the mountains and I am grateful that I'm only a tad stiff in a few muscles from this adventure.

We had our picnic after this hike and then found another hike to do.
It was a great day and for it I am grateful.
*Kananaskis Country is a mountain playground area east of Banff National Park and west of Calgary. There are provincial parks in it and plenty places to canoe, hike, bike, and just plain be in nature.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Gratitude Monday --Husband Coffee Edition

My husband brought me coffee in bed yesterday morning and for it I am grateful.
He will often offer breakfast in bed. I haven't taken him up on it in years so when he offered yesterday I countered with a request for coffee.
He rarely drinks the stuff himself and only when he's not home so he had to confirm what he needed to do.
I rested. He took care of the brewing and brought me the results.
It was wonderful.
I either get up with him or earlier and have my first cup of coffee outside. Yesterday it was the second cup.
Change is good, and so is having coffee in bed.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- Spontaneous Regression Edition

Today I am grateful for a number of things including being a transpersonal hypnotherapist with additional past-life regression training.
Here's what happened:
The other day I ran across a method for getting at the subconscious quickly and making changes in a few minutes.
I have no training in this method and only saw one example of how it works. Based on what I saw in a video I decided to try it.
I've done it a few times. It works well enough, but I got more than I expected during one session: the source of the problem was in a past life.
I've been to this life five times now and long thought I was done with it.
I was wrong.
In this procedure one allows all the naysaying, complaints, sniping,  the general negativity, one hears during life to bubble up and be heard rather than dismissing it. Once it has its say one lets it go.
I went right back to the prison cell where I died in my last life. I spoke the way I did in that life. I cannot recreate the accented English at any other time.
I am grateful I tried this method. I am grateful I found the source of the issue, and I am grateful I knew what to do.
The very first time I went to this life happened when I was covering a talk on Alzheimer's for the newspaper around 1989.
During the session we were asked to close our eyes and listen while a tape played rhythmic knocking. I saw a cold evening scene of a late fall. I heard boots crunching on snow.
I was terrified. I had to steel myself to not get up and run away. I now know that it was a spontaneous past life regression. I am glad it happened in that it set me on a path to find out more about hypnosis, past lives, and spiritual work.
During ensuing, conducted regressions I went back to that life as it's had the most impact on this one.
Like I said, I thought I was done with it.
While I think I am done with that life now, I don't want to speak too soon. There may be more waiting.
If so, then bring it on. I know what to do.

I have been vague about the method I used because I don't want anyone to do what I did. If you find it on your own and play with it, then it is your choice.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- Independent Friends Edition

Dear USA,

Happy Independence Day!

I am so grateful our countries are friends.

Yours Truly,
The Goat's Lunch Pail

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Yes, Mr. President.
Yes it does.

Happy Canada Day

Happy Birthday Canada!

Yes, Mr. President.
Yes it does.