Monday, February 26, 2018

Gratitude Monday -- The Five Dollar Fix Edition

About the middle of last week our basement computer died. It hardly ever gets used, but my husband fires it up once in a while as needed.
It had been needed for several days in a row last week. He noted it had been acting odd and then one day it was fine. The next day it was dead.
Because we don't know anything we decided to open it up and clean it. When we did we found a little green light on inside. This gave us a bit of hope and utter confusion. A light meant power was getting in to it, but why wasn't it switching on?
We did everything we could think of and then gave up.
But deep inside, I don't give up. Not when a thing makes no sense.
So the next morning I researched "green light on inside, but no power" and found my answer. I spent several minutes checking other results and found they were all about the same: the CMOS battery was dead.
I had no idea what that was, but it is by the motherboard where the green light was lit. I didn't know what a motherboard was and still don't, but it doesn't matter.
I watched a video on changing a CMOS battery mostly because I had no idea where to find it, bought a new one for $5.80, and popped it in.
I am so grateful the computer works.
I am grateful it was an easy fix, grateful that I found the answer so quickly and could fix it myself, and so very grateful a computer problem was fixed in a few minutes for only a few dollars.

Properly I should have rounded up and called this "The Six  Dollar Fix," but $5 better suits my ear.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Gratitude Monday--Better Than A Purple Parka Edition

Friday morning I needed a new winter coat. The zippers, all of them, on my coat's shell were rendered useless and I was unable to repair them. The lining, which I'd zipped out in order to use the lining's zipper to do up the coat, was fine, so all I really needed was a new shell.

I made my wants known to the Universe. When I do this I directly ask the angels as they are often dispatched to do God's hands-on stuff.  I wrote down that I wanted a parka, ladies' style, but it wasn't an absolute. It was to be purple in colour, but that wasn't an absolute either.  I ended by asking for "a purple parka or something better."

I felt pulled to go to a particular store first even though I'd planned to make a secondhand store my first stop. At the store I found a wonderful (not a parka) coat, burgundy-maroon, my size, and on sale. I decided to check around as I don't like to make snap purchases.
The Universe had directed me to the right spot.

At the secondhand store I found a winter coat shell in two-tone purple for $4. Two women of passing acquaintance to me passed me while I tried it on and commented that the colour suited me.
The Universe directed me to exactly what I needed and underscored it by sending two people to comment about it.
That one I bought right then and there.
I searched a few other stores and then went back to the first store and bought the burgundy-maroon coat.

I put my desire out to the Universe and it answered me with what I needed as well as something better.
I am grateful.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Gratitude Monday -- Well And Truly Tired Edition

We had all that much snow here, but we've had enough that having a good set of snow tires on a vehicle is more than a bonus; it is a necessity.

I have a fine set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta  tires on my Ford Focus and for them I am grateful.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Gratitude Monday- Crystal Clear Attitude Edition

Back in May I wrote about about showing my computer gratitude and how it was working better.
It shut off better and on many occasions it shut off as it ought.

It still froze up though not as often so I gave it some thought and decided helper crystals were the thing. I use a clear quartz to help with the hardware and general help as well as an amethyst for software.
This was the turning point.
It is all but perfect now and I am grateful.
I've learned that the crystals either get used up or cloudy after a time. I replace them and cleanse and recharge the used ones.
Most of the time when the computer freezes now it is due to the crystals needing attention.

I have also noticed when I thank it as I am shutting it down it will rebel if I am interrupted. Once I figured this out I warned my husband to not speak to me during this time. It has worked.

I have also found that it likes a particular wording for the thank you.  If I change it and it doesn't like it, then it freezes. However, I have noticed it really only stops itself for about 10 minutes. If the crystals are cloudy it takes up to 25 minutes to shut down properly.

I am grateful that my computer shuts off, that the fix for it was inexpensive ( I already had the crystals), and that when it stops I am able to figure out why.

Thank you, computer.