Monday, February 5, 2018

Gratitude Monday- Crystal Clear Attitude Edition

Back in May I wrote about about showing my computer gratitude and how it was working better.
It shut off better and on many occasions it shut off as it ought.

It still froze up though not as often so I gave it some thought and decided helper crystals were the thing. I use a clear quartz to help with the hardware and general help as well as an amethyst for software.
This was the turning point.
It is all but perfect now and I am grateful.
I've learned that the crystals either get used up or cloudy after a time. I replace them and cleanse and recharge the used ones.
Most of the time when the computer freezes now it is due to the crystals needing attention.

I have also noticed when I thank it as I am shutting it down it will rebel if I am interrupted. Once I figured this out I warned my husband to not speak to me during this time. It has worked.

I have also found that it likes a particular wording for the thank you.  If I change it and it doesn't like it, then it freezes. However, I have noticed it really only stops itself for about 10 minutes. If the crystals are cloudy it takes up to 25 minutes to shut down properly.

I am grateful that my computer shuts off, that the fix for it was inexpensive ( I already had the crystals), and that when it stops I am able to figure out why.

Thank you, computer.


Anonymous said...

How very interesting. I love how you are able to figure out what works. I need to acquire this skill.

messymimi said...

Kudos to you for finding what works!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks so much.