Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo-Finish Friday -- Wild Horses

It's the Year of the Horse.
In its honour here are some wild horses that live at Harlech, near Nordegg, Alberta.

OpenWaterJan14 051

OpenWaterJan14 054

Aren't they beautiful?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gratitude Monday -- Great Day

The other day I went looking for a book I needed to refer to, but it wasn't there. I'm quasi-organized about my books. For example, UFOs in one case, witchcraft in another, science fiction in a third, with plenty of overlap based on years purchased.
The book I needed should have been on the second shelf, right siden of the fourth bookcase I'd acquired and located in the spare room.
It wasn't.
I looked twice through the whole case and then looked at other shelves in other bookcases.
I needed to do some straightening as the case devoted largely to cookbooks was a glorious mess. I decided to fix up four of the five bookcases yesterday. The fifth only requires re-shelving and will have its moment another time.
I found the book I needed nowhere near where it ought to have been, another one above it it I can also use, several books I forgot I had, several more that needed reading, and best of all I found the guitar pick I'd lost two years ago.
I am grateful for the chance to go through my books and hold them and read the covers and wipe off the dust that accumulates when a books sits and is not actively loved.
It was work, yes, but it was good work and if I hadn't done it then I would not have moved the books on the shelf near where I keep the guitar stuff and therefore I'd not have been reunited with my favourite yellow pick.
It was a great day.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Failed, But Still A Win

I wanted to make pizza cooked on a cast iron grill.
This is not it.
Shrimp and 'shroomie with double the fat in the crust.

But I can still call it a win for many reasons.
The crust worked out very well, on the whole. I had an idea to add extra fat. I had fresh bacon grease around so added it as well as the olive oil called for in the recipe.
How much?
Excellent question.
It was more than a tablespoon, but not by much.  It called for a tablespoon of olive oil, but that I didn't bother measuring. It was nearly a tablespoon.
I had this idea that if I put down wax paper over the cookie sheet, then the crust would come right out with no problems.
I was wrong.
It stuck to the wax paper and had to be teased away. It left its mark on the paper and was thin in spots
My intent was to cook it on a cast iron grill just to see what would happen. But it fell apart in places and would not transfer to said grill.
But I must note that on the whole it held together reasonable well for a gluten-free concoction.
I used fava and garbanzo bean flour along with soy, rice, and sorghum, and I threw in about a tablespoon of whole fax.
Next time I'll use double or treble the amount of psyllium fibre. I used about a tablespoon this time and it was adequate. If I'd cooked it in a pizza pan or kept it in the cookie sheet and not moved it, then it would have been fine.
However, it was very tasty.  Doubling the fat works and I will likely continue with that modification.
The experiment will continue.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gratitude Monday -- Snowshoeing Edition

We went showshoeing at Crimson Lake on Saturday. It was warm and sunny and it was wonderful to be outside.
I'm am grateful for it and for my husband who helps me with my snowshoes.

SnowShoeJan14 001

Snowshoeing in the bush was exhilarating.

SnowShoeJan14 003

And in the open was just plain fun.

SnowShoeJan14 014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo-Finish Friday - Along The Nile

EgyptPentax 071

A Felucca sails down the Nile near Aswan, Egypt.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

But It's For The Birds

We got hold of some free peanut butter we put out for the birds.
We put it in the trough section of  Mr. Snout, the feeder my husband built.
The birds want nothing to do with it. Perhaps due to the cranberry mix in it.

The deer seem quite taken with it.

Here's a closer look.

It's a tough year out there what with all the snow. It's warmed a bit and that's going to make it even worse once it freezes again.
I do not begrudge the deer the food. I am not going to deliberately feed them, but they are welcome to it.
Even if I chased them away they'd just come back.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gratitude Monday -- A Simple Thing

I took a walk in the sunshine yesterday.
It wasn't for any great distance, but it felt good.
The sun has been a stranger around here and it was good to be out enjoying the bright warm day. It's been so cold and grey and snowy here lately that seeing it was a treat.
It's a simple thing, a walk in the sun, but it is a welcome simple thing and for it I am grateful.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Our resident squirrel does not give up.
We took away the sunflower feeder he'd all but set up residence in and replaced it with a squirrel-proof feeder.
We did not see him for about two weeks. That changed Saturday when he simply had to try the peanut butter and bacon fat ball.
It had been in place for more than a month, but that was the first time he'd had a go at it.
It didn't go so well for him, but he gave it a solid try.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo-Finish Friday-- River Home

The Athabasca River  at Fort Assiniboine, looking eastward.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Gratitude Monday -- A Lock on Gratitude

Friday morning I came home from a few errands to find myself stranded outside the house.
The back door lock broke as I turned the key. I heard a terrible clicking sound. The key would not budge past the quarter past the hour position. It needs to be at 20 past the hour to open.
Either the pins wore out or the spring gave up. I was not surprised. For the the past  few weeks the lock had to be started at the five minutes to the hour position to turn properly.
It was still an annoyance.

Off to the front door where the key turned as it should, but I was physically unable to turn the deadbolt. It's a characteristic of the deadbolts on our house in cold weather.
The neighbour who dug me out of the alley recently opened the front for me.  It took considerable effort on his part to turn the deadbolt.
I am grateful for his help.

My husband changed the lock yesterday. I am grateful he knows how to do this.
When we bought the new door lock assembly it had to be re-pinned to our keys. I got to watch as the woman at the store did this and it was fascinating.
I am grateful for this, and for her patience in doing the work for us.
I've seen the interior of pin and tumbler locks before, but not thoroughly gutted. She took everything apart, popped out the pins, and put in new ones.
I learned the numbers on the key are the code for the pins in the lock.
I can see in my mind how the lock works.
I've wondered. I've looked it up online, but seeing it in person is better and I am grateful.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

On This Day

Today in 1941 the above was recorded.
It's a personal fave and I'll take any reason to post it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Happy Year

It's 2014!

Nikon Test 151