Saturday, January 11, 2014


Our resident squirrel does not give up.
We took away the sunflower feeder he'd all but set up residence in and replaced it with a squirrel-proof feeder.
We did not see him for about two weeks. That changed Saturday when he simply had to try the peanut butter and bacon fat ball.
It had been in place for more than a month, but that was the first time he'd had a go at it.
It didn't go so well for him, but he gave it a solid try.


Hilary said...

Ha.. don't be surprised if he gets it all figured out in a day or three. They're clever and tenacious little beasties.

Tabor said...

Once squirrels have gotten a taste they will eat it all and leave nothing for the birds!

messymimi said...

One lady had her husband set the bird feeder on a pole that squirrels couldn't climb, and that was supposed to be too far from all of the trees for them to jump onto it. One squirrel that she watched tried 29 times to jump onto the top of the pole feeder, and he hit the ground every time. The 30th time he nailed it, and he never missed again.

Once they figure it out, they get it, so you might have to change it up over and over to keep them from figuring it out. They are amazingly stubborn/persistent.

Leah J. Utas said...

Hilary, I have every confidence he will.
Tabor, they take everything they can get.
Messymimi, love the squirrel story. He is welcome to what he can get.