Monday, February 4, 2008

Gratitude Monday – Another Time, Fidel.

We were supposed to go to Cuba in early January. It was a last minute arrangement with a tour company we’ve gone with in the past.
We’d actual see some of the country, go bird watching, hiking, swimming, biking I believe, even an optional spelunking.
All this plus Cuban rum and cigars. Sure, I stopped smoking 28 years ago, but I was going to be right there, why hold back?

Instead I had heart failure and had to cancel. If we were just sitting on the beach, I would have gone, but there’s no way I could do all the things I wanted to do.
I am grateful for travel insurance, and I’m grateful we had the sense to buy it.

We got our money back on Friday. It appeared to be about a 94 per cent refund. No one is reimbursed for the cost of insurance and only a very special type of the uncommonly entitled would complain about it.

I want to see Cuba. I have for years. I want to see it and experience it under Communist rule, albeit safely.

It may not be meant to be, but that’s okay too. I’ll be better soon and I’ll qualify for trip insurance once more.


Hilary said...

Sorry for that disappointment, Leah, but better to be safe and in good health.

I suspect it won't be too long before you'll be sending Baggie and Reb each a postcard saying "Havana good time!"

Crabby McSlacker said...

What foresight to have bought trip insurance! We never do, armed only with our own delusions that nothing bad will ever happen to us.

Sorry you missed it this time, but I suspect you'll figure out a way to see Cuba someday.

the Bag Lady said...

Very clever of you to buy insurance. The Bag Lady will have to remember that if she ever books a trip anywhere...hahahaha, like THAT'S gonna happen anytime soon!!

Leah J.Utas said...

"Havana good time!"
Love it! Consider it stolen, Hilary.

We almost didn't buy it this time, Crabby. I'd just finished saying that of course we were going when I realized I'd uttered an absolute. Asked for insurance with my next breath.

Someday, dfBag Lady, your ship will come in and you'll be on it.

Reb said...

So glad that you had the insurance, so sad that you needed it. You will get there eventually I am sure. Just remember to tuck me in a suitcase! - um - really big trunk!

Leah J.Utas said...

We'll see what we can do, Reb.

Holly said...

"Instead I had heart failure and had to cancel." she states non-chalantly. As in, "Then I noticed I had booked a dental appointment and had to cancel."

It's Gratitude Monday. Be grateful that your heart is still ticking along and visiting Cuba is still an option! ;-)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

df Leah,

You are so smart. I never buy travel insurance, but I am grateful that you have made me realize it has a purpose.


Leah J.Utas said...

I am every day, Holly.

dfTerrie - It's a wise investment.