Monday, March 16, 2015

Gratitude Monday --Beer Edition

I had a beer yesterday.
It was a craving that had been with me for a few weeks.  Because of the gluten involved I don't often drink it, but I do like it.
Up until a few years ago I kept de-alcoholized beer around and had the regular stuff as an occasional treat, usually when travelling.
Then along came yesterday and a decision to cave to the craving.  I wandered around a cold beer store for a few minutes wondering what I wanted.
Eventually I settled on Moosehead Lager.
It was a good decision and for it I am grateful.


DJan said...

I like that beer, too. I don't usually drink beer either but yesterday while out with a friend for lunch I had a delicious draft IPA. She had an Oatmeal Stout. Beer is definitely good once in awhile. :-)

Tabor said...

I never like beer until I went to Germany and drank their lighter alcohol beers. Their beers are like a meal in that satisfying way

the Bag Lady said...

Moosehead is good. So is Alexander Keith's.

messymimi said...

Having something as a treat once in a while is a good thing, it's refreshing.

Crabby McSlacker said...

And beer if one isn't intolerant of gluten, beer is even good for you! Hope the gluten didn't cause too much fuss. And glad you enjoyed it!

Leah J. Utas said...

DJan, Oatmeal Stout? Sounds tasty.

Tabor, German beer is wonderful.

Bag Lady, I'll try a Keith's next time.

Messymimi, yes it is, Messymimi.

Crabby, I tolerated it surprisingly well. There was gluten free available, but I decided to go with a classic.

solarity said...

I am unable to appreciate beer, or any other drink with bubbles in it. They are unpleasant to my tongue. But I understand the pleasure of an occasional thing one cannot have regularly. Glad you enjoyed it!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Kimberley said...

Have you tried any of the GF beers? I am not a drinker, but I know people who drink the GF ones…although it isn't exactly the same, they do enjoy it. Glad you were able to satisfy your craving!

Hilary said...

I never liked beer (as much as I wanted to) until about 3.. 4 years ago. I'd steal a sip here.. a sip there on a hot summer day. Before I knew it I was sharing the bottle with Frank.. and eventually having my own. But it does have to be a lightish lager like Moosehead and many others which fit the bill. I'm glad you enjoyed.