Monday, September 26, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- This Really Rocks Edition

I have learned what some of my rocks and crystals do and for it I am grateful.
Recently I got a free ebook published by Hay House: Crystals: How to Use Crystals and Their Energy to Enhance Your Life, by Judy Hall (Hay House Basics, 2015) and learned a great deal.
It made me get up, collect every rock I had, and set them outside in the rain to cleanse.
After they dried I put most of them away to rest. They'd been out for years collecting energy and not getting my proper attention.
Among the few I left out is a large single point clear quartz that came to me more than 20 years ago.
I found it in the gutter one day. It glistened in the late morning sun. It had two lengths of yarn wrapped around it, one light blue, the other a pinkish purple. Logically, someone had been wearing it.
The Mountaineer had a lost and found in those days so I left it at the front desk and went to my cubicle.
After a week no one claimed it.
I didn't want it so I  took it across the street to where my inlaws had an alternative therapy clinic and my husband ran a health food store. My MIL put it in a glass carrier with some other crystals, most of them quartz.
It stayed there about two months. Eventually she convinced me that the crystal wanted me so I took it.
Over the years I used it from time to time and often took it in my suitcase when we travelled, but at no point did I even ask it what it could do for me.
I have channeled a rocks consciousness in the past, but it seemed like an effort and I got away from it.
Through the book I learned how to ask.
This quartz is a memory crystal. It showed me a series of images from my life. Most of these were scenes from when I was very young though some were from my teens. It went beyond seeing. I relived them, felt what I felt at the moment it happened.
It was wonderful.
I am grateful for it and am looking forward to what else it, and the others show me.


messymimi said...

Fascinating. Reliving good memories is a very happy thing!

solarity said...

Given how you are about mountains, it surprises me that you didn't talk to rocks much.

Mary Anne in Kentucky