Monday, January 30, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- As Promised, God, Edition

I promised God I would thank him publicly so here it is.
This happened:
Our computer crashed or claimed to do so Saturday night. We were terrified. Mike had been looking up information on hellebore when a popup came up saying a virus had crashed the hard drive.
We couldn't get rid of it and couldn't see the pop up behind it.
What we could see was a mostly blue screen behind it.

I presumed this was a scam so unplugged the internet as I could not make the popups go away. Mike suggested shutting it off, and as we were both panicking because neither of us have a clue, I pushed the button rather than shut down in an orderly fashion.

When I put the computer back on I got the usual screen about not shutting down properly and the choice of safe mode or starting normally. I chose safe mode.  Instead of starting it went to a screen offering start normally or the highlighted choice of using startup repair.
Tried that. It went to the Lenovo screen. Nothing else appeared to be happening. We left it a few minutes. Nothing happened. Shut it down from the button again as there was no other way.
After trying a normal start and getting this choice again, I shut it down deciding to let the pros look at it on Monday.
But I thought to try again and be patient. I did. I chose start up repair again and left it. Soon I saw some life as the second green button flickered. This gave me hope.
I live in fear of my computer dying even as I have most things backed up. What I hadn't backed up yet was the novella rewrite I had completed the day before.  I had an uncorrected version as well as the scrawled notes on the hard copy. I lost a hard drive in 2012 and this novella was on it. I found half of it back then and rewrote the rest from the hard copy.  I thought I might have to do something similar this time.

About 15 minutes had gone by. I was desperate. I prayed. I actually folded my hands at my desk and asked God to fix the computer. Then I said thanks and mentioned if it got fixed I would say so on my blog.
I opened my eyes and there in front of me was a small screen saying computer start up repair was searching for the problem.
Over the course of the evening it got fixed.
God got the program rolling, and I am grateful. Thank you, God.
Science did the actual repair work, and I am grateful for that as well.


messymimi said...

Remember when you talked about the phone ringing, your "Wake up to What?" post, you didn't know what was coming? You've been in my prayers since that G-d would reveal more to you.

A Happy Dance for not losing your work, too!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you so much, Messymimi. I am grateful you have included me in your prayers.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love this! I don't know what greater intelligence may be out there (and, no offense, but I am quite skeptical that it would be something gendered and male, and I can't help bristling at this assumption, perpetrated by men throughout time because they've had all the power to frame the narrative). But whatever/whoever, I'm so glad it heard you and helped!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Crabby. I agree about whatever God may be, a white guy it ain't.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything worked out well!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you.