Thursday, February 9, 2017

Creating Beauty, An Angel Message

I have felt angels near me on two occasions. I expect they've been around at other times because, well, angels are like that, but on these two occasions I am sure.

The first time was about 20 years ago. My inlaws hosted a sounding circle at their clinic and I was one of the warm bodies helping to fill out the circle. Most of it is long gone from my memory, but I do recall quite clearly being blocked.
If memory serves we sounded assorted vowel sounds and I think they were directed at specific people in the circle. We may have sung their names, too, I don't recall.
At one point I felt something in front of me and could almost see it. The being was at least as tall as the ceiling though felt taller. Even though there was no one physically present it was like I couldn't see through it. I felt that it was time to stop. I also knew, by distinct feeling, the presence blocking me was an angel.

The second instance was last week. This time the Archangel Jophiel stood by my computer for most of a weekend.
Here's some background:
I've had some niggling computer problems since about December. Windows 7 won't shut down properly at times for one. It goes right to the very last screen and is less than one second, if that, away from shutting completely when it freezes. I have to press the button to shut it off. I asked the nice people where I bought it and was assured that as long as it all but shut down properly it was nothing to worry about.

One a few occasions the display didn't go black after two minutes of idling like its set to do. That appears to have resolved itself. I recently tried Reiki on the computer and discovered if I did it during shut down it would proceed normally. When I didn't, it locked.

But the most annoying issue was every time I exited Word it said changes had been made to the normal template and did I want to save them?
This started one day in December after changes somehow got made to said template. I put them back the way I want and saved the changes, as one does. But it kept asking me every day despite me not having done anything to warrant it.

I am not computer savvy. This is unlikely to change. Consequently, doing anything beyond the most basic clean up and the occasional system restore I leave it to the pros. I'd checked for all the things that could be wrong. I found things that could be done, but they were beyond me except for the one that said I could uncheck the box that made this box come up.
I didn't, because there was always the possibility that there was a wee virus inside and I didn't want to forget it was there if I ever had to take the computer in to the shop.

Then last weekend I felt a presence at my desk. It made me want to sort out the template changes problem again. I thought about it then did nothing.
But then one morning last weekend during my meditation my mind went to the presence. I asked who who was visiting. The question was barely formed when she told me she was Jophiel. She told me to create beauty.
Part of beauty is strength, part of strength is deciding, and part of that is doing a thing you've meant to do for a while.
In short, I checked all the factors that may be making the template box come up, actually looked through them and couldn't find any evidence of them. There may still be an issue, but nothing obvious, so I simply unchecked the box that makes the box come up.
Shortly thereafter, the Archangel departed.
I have yet to try not using Reiki on shutdown. I intend to do so shortly.

So now I must create beauty in writing, in life, in wherever it can be made and by whatever means is available. Part of that is writing about the things we don't normally discuss, like angel visits.


solarity said...

"Part of beauty is strength" indeed. (I know you wrote a whole lot more, but that is the phrase that went straight through me like an arrow.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you for telling me, Mary Anne. It's heartening to learn my words had an impact.

messymimi said...

That's the line that caught me, too. Strength to do what it's supposed to do is a big part of making something beautiful.

Now i'm going to go look up what a "sounding circle" is.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you, Messymimi.

Tabor said...

Angels and computers is not something I have every thought I would read about. But, why not? Lucky you to have them close enough to sense. Lucky that they give technical advice! I am sure that any angels here at my house are shaking their heads and have almost all but given up on getting me to focus and change my ways. But whatever works is wonderful. And if they email, maybe they could email mine and give them some encouragement.

Leah J. Utas said...

I am sure you are being looked after, Tabor. If I sense another one around me I'll pass along your request.