Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo-Finish Friday -- The Old Hometown

Fort Assiniboine from the hill looking south.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Glass of Challenge

We've all heard about the glass.
For some it is half full.
For others it is half empty.
It doesn't end there.
I've had the displeasure to know people who maintain the glass is dirty, or the glass is cracked, and some who are so resolutely negative they say,  "I've never even had a glass."

Not only are those people sad, they are a pain in the ass to be around.
Negativity serves no purpose other than being a cry for attention.
If you give it to them, then they see it works and will simply continue.

I'd tell them to go to Hell, but they are already seated uncomfortably there and complaining about the heat.

That said, I say there is no glass because I refuse to have my blessings contained, especially by anything as meagre as a glass.
They are a flowing river, infinite, bright, and refreshing.
Yours can be that way as well. It is a simple matter of announcing it is so and then looking for the good in what you perceive as bad.

I challenge you to try.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gratitude Monday - Life As It Is

I am grateful I live a life that allows me to express my creativity in whichever way comes to mind.
I've just finished editing one of my husband's manuscripts and feel like exploring the creativity of sitting around doing nothing.
This lets my mind wander and in the wandering refreshes itself.
I am grateful for that, too.
I have two current manuscripts of my own to work on plus a third that may deserve another look.
In the last few days I  have also made my own version of chipotle-cilanto sauce, a creative work in itself.
After looking up what goes into such a thing I gathered a few ingredients that I decided would work and whirred them together. They were mixed into a mayo and homemade coconut sour cream sauce along with some lime juice.
It was exactly what I wanted. It went well with the beanizza (bean pizza) I made and is a wonderful topping on baked potatoes.
Making this is as creative as writing or drawing or anything else and I am grateful to do it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

My Erasing Hobby

I've been teaching myself to draw.
I do it for my own pleasure and harbour no fantasies about making it big in the art world. This is me expressing myself and enjoying it.
It is also a moderately compelling drive inside to express something that I have yet to target.
It started as a picture in my head last year to draw a scene from a manuscript I was writing.
Then I wanted to draw dragons,
Currently the unicorns are asserting themselves, demanding my attention.
They are welcome in my soul and I am pleased and grateful for their presence.

But back to drawing. I joke that what I am really doing is erasing.  I make mistakes, I rub them out, and I try again.
The above is one of my better attempts.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Gratitude Monday -- Cookies

I am grateful I learned to bake. Specifically, I am grateful I learned how to make peanut butter cookies.
I had a craving for them the other day. I made a batch with cacao nibs then remembered I really wanted them with oatmeal.
The next day I made another batch of peanut butter cookies this time remembering to add oatmeal.
Both batches have found good homes. Husband likes the cacao nib variety while I have used the oatmeal batch as a reward for when I take a break from editing.
Knowing they await has helped me get the work done. I am also grateful for that.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo-Finish Friday -- Last Evening In My Front Yard

DeerYard 009 A deer stops to take care of an annoyance before getting back to getting its dinner.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Gratitude Monday -- There Were Croutons Everywhere

I am a messy eater. I can't recall if I've outed myself about this here or not, but it doesn't matter.
I am, and I don't care.
That alone is something for which to be grateful.
Yesterday we went for a drive out west and had lunch in Nordegg. I had a chicken caesar salad and a Coke. The server had warned me it was big. She was not kidding. It was piled high as a haystack on the plate.
A forkful or two in something happened. I either speared it wrong or my fork slipped because several croutons jumped up and made good their escape to the floor.
I looked down to find a ring of them around my chair as though I were in the middle of a protective spell.
I'm used to this sort of thing. I can get as much food on the floor, table, or various parts of my face and clothing as I do in my mouth.
Oh, sure I've tried to fix it, but nothing works.
I eat slowly. When I try to add carefully to the mix it simply underscores the resulting mess so I rarely bother.
A few bits of lettuce slipped onto the table. Those were eaten while trying to escape.
At one point a small bit of something flew up into my eye.
Annoying as it was at least it was something new.
Bits of salad landed in my lap at times as well. I shook my head and ploughed on.
I ate most of it, but could not finish it so gave it to my husband while I finished my Coke.
When we got up to leave I managed to tip the glass over sending the ice cubes skittering along the table.
The server more than earned her tip.
Most people would be embarrassed about this sort of thing.
I'm not.
I made the choice years ago to embrace my mess. I have tried to be a neat eater, but it simply does not work out. Further, I like messy food.
I am grateful I have this outlook. It makes life fun.