Monday, May 22, 2017

Gratitude Monday--Checked Out Edition

We went through a police CheckStop Saturday and I am grateful for it.
Peace Officers from the County  and RCMP were set up on Highway 11 just past the Nordegg turnoff stopping all the traffic.
This is good.
County and Town Peace Officers, the RCMP, and Fish and Wildlife work together on these stops on all long weekends and most other weekends, too, if memory serves.
The May long weekend is the kickoff to their enforcement partnership.
It's been years since we were stopped at one of these. I am glad we were, because it means they are out doing their job, people are caught if they deserve it, and it is all good.
The nice man checked Mike's driver's license and the insurance, registration, and plates on my car and everything checked out. He asked where we were coming from and did we have any alcohol in the car? (We didn't.)
He was friendly, kind, and seemed happy in his work.
Both of us said afterward we were happy to have been stopped.
Thank you police and peace officers. You do fine work, and for it I am grateful.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Gratitude Monday- Glad I Asked Edition

About two weeks ago I asked my angels for help re: some back problems and am very grateful I did.
Months ago I pulled several muscles coughing. They had mostly healed, but for a few stubborn locations. I'd seen a chiropractor for a few times, but nothing stayed fixed.
After reading a Doreen Virtue book, "How To Hear Your Angels" ( Hay House, 2007)  I decided to give asking them about it a try.
I was shown a picture in my mind of a different chiropractor in town.
I confirmed it as there are two chiros in the clinic and was I to go to this specific one?
I was shown this one again which told me I was to go to her.
So I went to her and am grateful for it. The treatments and the yoga poses she suggested have helped considerably and all is almost well again.
I am grateful to the chiro and grateful for the direction from my angels.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Crockpot Edition

Today I am grateful for my crockpot.
I've had it for about two dozen years. It was a gift from my MIL and it has served me well.
Yesterday we decided to see an afternoon showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and I decided having dinner ready and waiting when we got home was a good idea.
I fired up the trusty crockpot and by about 9 a.m. lazy cabbage rolls were snuggled in and cooking.
I am grateful I have it and that it works well.
Oh, and dinner was delicious.
I am grateful for that, too.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- It's Weird But It Works Edition

Do you swear at your computer?
Who doesn't?

Recently I have changed my attitude toward my computer to the point I no longer see it as an inanimate object, but rather a device molded from once-living materials. Like any living creature it wants to be appreciated.

This may be a bit of  stretch so let's take it down to its simplest expression: everything is energy and energy responds to what we send it.  Be nice to the energy and the energy will be nice to you.

The slice of quartz that runs the show is from a living object. It has a consciousness.  Treat it kindly.

If you are grateful for your computer and what it does for you, tell it so. I have been thanking mine lately and even told it I love it a few times.

I swear it is working better. It was having issues shutting down and would freeze at the last second. Since I have been doing this it shuts down quicker and has even not frozen a few times.

On the physical side I changed a few things around so the back up battery isn't right behind it. Perhaps that was enough to keep it slightly cooler thus not requiring the extra time to pop off properly.
But I maintain showing it appreciation is key. When I do this I am also putting out gratitude to the Universe and that is always the right move.

I am grateful for my computer, for it working better, and for me forming the thought to do it and acting on the thought.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gratitude Monday -Great Gray Day Edition

We went out west Saturday to collect wild horse manure for the garden.
It was cold, gray, and overcast. While that's not the best day to go toward the mountains--it was hazy and they were all hiding--it was a good owl day.

We were treated to the sight of a Great Gray Owl on the way. He, or she, was beautiful and made up for the great gray day.

Thank you, owl.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Duck Puddles Edition

The local world is looking quite wet these days and for it I am grateful.
I've seen water puddles in fields that have stood dry for years.
Some local ponds have more water in them now than I have seen in more than a decade. One we saw yesterday is a great spot to watch birds. Plenty of ducks nest there as do geese. The catttails hold many a red-winged blackbird.
But for the last several years it has held so little water not many birds could make a home there. Last fall we had a great deal of rain which really rejuvenated the local watering holes. We've had enough snow in the winter to continue topping them up.
For ease of math I'll use small numbers and for ease of my own understanding I'll use imperial measure.
Imagine a 10 gallon container. Now imagine it holding maybe 1.5 - 2 gallons of water.
That's how bad it's been at this pond.
Yesterday it looked more like it held at least eight gallons. Geese were there as were a few ducks. I know more are on the way.
The red-winged blackbirds are due back shortly. I expect plenty of frogs this year, too,
There's still more melting to do and spring rains to fall.
The ponds are filling again and for it I am grateful.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Gratitude Monday -- Honey Brioche Edition

I've been experimenting by eating spelt flour now and again. It's going well and for it I am grateful, but I am especially grateful that the honey brioche buns I've been playing with are turning out so well and so tasty.

What I've done is adapt a brioche thin crust pizza dough. I've made these a few times, some even with gluten free flour, but the last two spelt flour batches have had honey in the place of sugar.

Not only do they turn out well (so far) they are easy to make because they are a simple pizza crust in a different shape. The sweetness in them cries for the missing love of a good, sharp cheddar or other cheese. That day will come because we only eat a few per batch and freeze the rest. They will be dedicated to hiking lunches as soon as we can get out for mountain picnic season.

I am grateful they are easy to make, that I like them, that I am tolerating the gluten fairly well, and that mountain picnic season is all but here.