Monday, April 13, 2020

Gratitude Monday--What The Bunny Brought

Today is Easter Monday and I see by the calendar that it is not marked as a holiday any longer.
It may still be considered so by some business, but it will escape most notice as most things are closed anyway.
What it does do is give us a chance to quietly reflect, if we wish, on what's happened, how the world has changed, and which changes are likely to stick.
I have no idea what will last and what will revert. I'm open to waiting and seeing.

What I can say is the the Easter Bunny brought a quiet enough weekend that the birds seem louder and can be heard from farther away. Without constant traffic to muffle their song they pierce the silence in a manner that is so uncommon as to border the unsettling.
The chickadees sound happier and I have heard a merlin call twice now in the past few days. The other morning it seemed like it was several blocks to the north. In the past I doubt I would have heard it.
We see wildlife roaming in cities. We will probably seem more plants growing because we aren't walking on them. We're already seeing clearer air and water.
The Bunny brought a reminder that given the opportunity Nature will reclaim what it lost.
I hope we learn the lesson well.


Anonymous said...
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messymimi said...

Indeed, i hope things change a lot, and for the better.

Leah J. Utas said...

Yes, and soon.