Friday, November 24, 2006

Poisonous People and Energy Thieves

Some people are so toxic that they poison every well they walk by. They have to suck the life force out of everyone they meet because they don’t own their own energy. They steal our positive energy and replace it with their never ending supply of toxins.
They’re in our families. We deal with them at work or know them socially. It doesn’t matter what you do with your life because you’ll never measure up, and they’ll stab a dessert fork in your ego whenever they can to ensure you don’t forget it.
I quit my reporting job to write books. I decided when I was five years old that I’d write a book someday. Someday eventually arrived 37 years later and I set about getting it done. I’ve written three manuscripts in the past five years and have a start on the fourth. They’ve been submitted. They’ve been rejected. I keep at it. But it doesn’t matter to the poisonous ones. It is their delight to needle me that I don't have anything available on a bookstore shelf.
“You haven’t had anything published, right?” I’m reminded.
It’s not that their standards are so high. Usually, I’ve noticed in my own experience, it's because their own accomplishments are so low. So’s their self-esteem.
Maybe they’re hiding away from abuse or neglect and don’t have the strength to face it. They use up all the energy they have in keeping this hidden, and then have to steal from the positive energy of others just to get through the day.
They won’t change until they have no choice. And as long as they can find willing victims to feast on they won’t need to change.
Certainly I feel some sympathy for them, but that’s where it ends. My energy is my own.
They’re difficult to be around. If I know I’m going to be in the same room as one of these poisoners, then a shield of white light is often enough to keep me safe. I ask the Universe to protect me, and then visualize this light around me. I also ask to have any unwanted energy bounce away from this shield and to be dissolved. If it’s a particularly poisonous energy thief, then I send the person some love after I’ve put up my shield. I mentally picture the person enveloped by the love and energy of the Universe.
If I don’t know beforehand and I get drained, then it’s sometimes days before I recover properly.

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Anonymous said...

How absolutely sychronistic that you're talking about poisonous people. I'm having another problem myself once again with just that. Sigh. I like your way of dealing with it. Will HAVE to try that. But with so much negative energy around here it's just so hard to combat it. Poor poor pitiful me. Am enjoying your blog, my friend.