Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's Hypnosis Ever Done For Me?

Have you ever been reluctant to make a phone call?
I have. I was a newspaper reporter for almost 20 years and phone interviews are part of the job. Oh, I still did them. The problem was I hated to bother people.
It should have gotten easier as the years went on. But even after having to phone a local fellow once to ask if it was his dad who was charged with a Southern Alberta murder I still put off the calls.
About a decade later I became a hypnotherapist. I practiced on friends and hypnotized myself literally hundreds of times until one day it occurred to me that I had a wonderful means to make my work easier.
I made a relaxation tape for myself and added suggestions for making work calls right away. Because I really wanted to change, the suggestion was very effective. The next day I when I got an assignment I made the call right away. I was partway through dialing when I realized the difference that one self-hypnosis session had made.
Sometimes all it takes is one hypnosis session. Other times it can take several. It depends on several factors including how motivated and willing the client is to make changes in his or her life. You can't be made to do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't ordinarily do, and you are always in control.

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