Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Envelope or the Letter?

So here it is Christmas and Christianity’s gotten itself so wrapped up in idol worship that the true message of Jesus is all but forgotten. Christian idolatry is everywhere, and it’s exactly what Jesus didn’t want. If you’ve read the Bible you’d know that. In fact, everyone who claims to be a Christian ought to read the Good Book and find out for themselves what it really says.
I read it cover-to-cover about 20 years ago. I’m neither a Sunday Christian nor a Christmas Christian. I was raised in the United Church but stopped going when I was nine because I couldn’t get any straight answers to my questions. No one could explain to me about “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” and I was convinced they were three different people.
Anyway I spent an hour each and every day reading the Bible. Took me about two months and I tell you what there’s some pretty tough sledding in the parts of NKJV. It’s worth it though, because I don’t have to depend on what somebody else swears the Bible says. It’s there or it ain’t. Interpretation be damned.
We ignore what Jesus said, unless it’s convenient for us to buy into it. Too many Christians say “I believe in Jesus” and leave it at that. No mention of what he did, said or stood for, just that they believe in him. You know what? That’s meaningless. It’s shallow and it’s pious and you’re just saying it because it makes you feel like you’re better than non-believers. Frankly, you sicken me.
A few years ago one of my Guides told me about religion in our world following the coming Earth and societal changes.
“It is the Source who will be honored and the Son, though honored, will no longer be idolized. This is not what He intended. He only showed the way by love. Tell me, what you would rather keep, the envelope or the words inside? He was the envelope. It was the letter inside that was important. The map to the God-Source, the directions.”


Anonymous said...

Wow. Again you said it right.


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Thanks again buddy.