Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Just So You Know

To date only one person has left a comment on my blog. I'm grateful for said comment, but I wonder. Only one? Have I lost my touch? Years ago when I wrote a column for The Mountaineer I routinely heard about it.
Those who agreed said so and I was happy.
Those who disagreed were vehement about it and I was even happier.
A former local pastor and I had some wonderful discussions. We disagreed, but it was all on the logical level of discourse. That was fun.
Others spewed their bile in Letters to the Editor. I was a clearly wrong. And in one memorable letter I was told to get an education.
Sigh. Good, good days.

You don't need a Blogger account to leave a comment.
There's no need to leave your name either. You're welcome to spew your bile anonymously as you see fit.
You can even agree with me if you have to.
Just don't think you have to sign up for anything first.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I followed your link from Absolute Write and I'm glad I did! I believe we were separated at birth. I've read several of your blog entries, and being at work ought to be working instead of leaving comments, but I wanted you to know those are my tracks left in the snow - you know, just so you didn't worry about stalkers or burglars. :D