Thursday, February 15, 2007

Safe Channeling

Channeling can be scary. You’re opening yourself up to the spirit world. Maybe there’s some unsavory character hanging around waiting for a chance to use a body, or maybe you just fear losing control.

It can be done safely. It’s a great way to open up to the spiritual side of life and it’s one of the best ways I’ve found to affirm that there is something beyond the mundane.

I took a course in it years ago. It intrigued me, but it also terrified me. When I found out about a workshop for it I knew I had to take it. I also know spirit led me to it.
Since then, I’ve adapted what I’ve learned and have my own methods for it. But what never changes is praying for protection before I ever get started.

Get quiet and ask the higher being you believe in to surround you with love and light and protection. Tell this being what you’re up to, and then affirm that it’ll be done safely and for the highest possible good.

You can specifically ask to speak to someone who has crossed over, or to get a message from your higher self. You can even ask for God to speak to you this way.

If you feel funny about any of this, then stop. Go back to it later. Don’t force a session. You’ll waste your time and have to put up with your conscious mind screeching at you for making it all up.

Once you’re calm and collected and protected, let thoughts, visions, ideas, fragrances, and or feelings flow to you. Don’t editorialize; just let it happen.
If it starts to creep you out, then stop. Reaffirm your protection and end it.
If you’ve let a being or three come to you and want to end it, just say thanks and ask everyone to leave you alone until next time.

Sometimes a formal session isn’t necessary. Guides, angels, assistants, guide-associates (they’re like interns), and any other heavenly helpers are always trying to tell us something. It can be guidance to take a different route or they just want us to know they’re hanging around.
After I got comfortable with channeling it was easier for me to accept and acknowledge guidance. Parts of my second manuscript were dictated by guides.

And a few years ago a heavenly helper sent me this prayer. I use it constantly, and I’d like to share it with you.

Light of Heaven surround me,
Light of the Earth Guide me,
Light of my soul protect me,
Light my way.

Add any specific request you might have after “way” such as “. . .to treating my in-laws kindly” or “. . .to a peaceful day” or whatever you may need.

Some readers may find this familiar. I had it posted on the side of the blog earlier. I’ve also posted it at

Safe channeling, everyone.

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This is really interesting...I may try it.