Thursday, February 8, 2007

First Step On The Spiritual Path

Scribbler’s comment on the post below this one below made me think about what it’s like when you take your first steps on a spiritual path.

Where do you start?

It can be overwhelming. There’s so much information available in books, on websites, in blogs, from friends and acquaintances. It seems everyone knows exactly what you need to do achieve spiritual fulfillment.
Only you know exactly what you should do. But that brings up another issue: how do you find it out?

The simplest way to go is to honor yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings about situations and people.
Have you got a new interest? Are you being pulled in a direction i.e. for studying or travel?
Do you feel a need to avoid a place, a person, or even a type of food?
These are all nudges from the spirit side. It might be you a guide, it can be hint of a past life, but it can also be your own intuition.
This “still, small voice” as Edgar Cayce termed it, nudges you along the path you need to follow and acts as an early warning system to keep you out of the trouble.

We get this nudges and warnings all the time. We can ignore them if we want, but if you’re looking for a simple way to start down your path, honoring your own inner voice is a good first step.

Thanks to Scribbler for the post idea.

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Unknown said...

Don't thank me--your post inspired the comment, after all!

Thank you for your readership and encouragement!

Happy Scribbling!