Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Again. More Gratitude.

Yes, I’m grateful that it’s Monday again and the start of another fresh week.

I’m happy that my husband had the day off yesterday and we-- mostly he -- got some more of the spices harvested. The living room is filled with ragweed and savory and silver mound wormwood. If you’re curious about the latter, it’s in the tarragon family and it’s absolutely lovely on chicken. I’m grateful to know that.

I’m not sure that Gratitude Monday will be a regular feature of the blog. It’s important to be grateful every day and I like the idea of mentioning it when I feel like it rather than herding it into one day a week.

Why is being grateful so important?

Because it demonstrates to the Universe that you appreciate all you’ve been given, especially if it looks like you haven’t been given much.
If you can find it in your soul to appreciate what you’ve got, then you get more.
If you’re always grasping to get more, then it suggests that you’ve got a hole in your soul somewhere. No amount of stuff will heal that hole.
Material gain doesn’t get it done. All it does is feed your greed and stunt your growth.

So, here’s an idea. Find something in your life you can say thanks for. Maybe you watched a particularly pretty sunset, or you got the chance to see a sunset. Anything. Start small and soon you’ll find even more to be grateful for.

Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the idea of Gratitude Monday - it serves as a reminder to be more grateful everyday!
It is miserably cold here this morning, -5C, and your post reminded me to be grateful that I have a lovely roof over my head and am warm and safe. So thank you for Gratitude Monday - please don't stop posting this reminder.
Now if we could only come up with things for the rest of the week! Here in the Booze Capital of the World, the neighbours have Thirsty Thursday, but I don't really think that goes with your theme!
Tuesday has me stumped, but how about Wishful Wednesday, where we can wish for good things for the world...or is that too hokey?

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I believe that for most of us in America, it's bad manners to ask God (or whoever/whatever one believes in) for anything at all because we've already been given so much. I try to remember this each day, although I sure have my moments when I want to ask, anyway!

What really helps me keep my perspective is not watching TV, not reading fashion mags, avoiding most new movies, and just staying out of the pop culture loop altogether. I've noticed that my desires remain simple and uncluttered this way. I have no need for status spending.

Most people have no idea how much their desires are dictated to them by Madison Avenue. And it's subtle! We've been brought up in a cultural soup that says what we are and what we have is never good enough. We don't realize until we drop out that we're drowning in our riches.

Anyway, although I'm saddened by the reason for it (family crisis), I'm grateful that my boss is out of town this week. It'll give me a chance to catch up on some things. I like and admire her greatly, but she's the type of boss who gives you three new projects every time you poke your head into her office to ask a question. I'm grateful for her guidance and all I learn from her, but I'm also grateful to have her out of my hair for a week!

I'd also be grateful for a few more book sales. :-(

But I'm grateful to be able to write a book at all and be able to turn anything I want into a quality printed product. That's something to be really, really grateful for! :-D

Happy Monday!

Leah J. Utas said...

Bag Lady - Thanks for the Gratitude Monday support. I like the Wishful Wednesday notion. It's got merit. Let's give it some thought.

Bunnygirl - What a thoughtful comment. Good for you for avoiding the pop culture loop. You're right. It does feed our belief that we need more than we have.

Enjoy your bossless week and I agree, being able to write a book is something to definitely be grateful for.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I have so much to be grateful for I should really be remembering several times an hour. Yet every time I see a helpful reminder like this I realize I haven't remembered to be conscious of it in a while. So a day designated to it is a wonderful idea, even if it should be only part of an ongoing Gratitude Extravaganza.

Thanks, leah!

Leah J. Utas said...

Crabby - Thanks for the support.

I'll see about keeping it a regular feature. And I love the "ongoing Gratitude Extravaganza" idea.