Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Gratitude - A Simple Pleasure

I had to laugh last evening as a TV weather forecaster described the current cold snap. Temperatures are projected to hit more than -40 C (same as 40 below F) and he called it unseasonably cold.
No. It’s winter in Alberta. That’s seasonably cold.

I’m grateful for the cold of this season. I’ve always believed that if we have the proper winter weather, then we’ll be rewarded with proper summer weather. I have no idea if that pans out, but it gives me great comfort during howling blizzards and -40 temps. I don't have a photo of a howling blizzard for today so this mountain winterscape will have to suffice.

What I do have is a house and a furnace that keeps it warm. If I’m too cold then I can bake something. I’m grateful I learned how to bake and I’m grateful that we have hundreds of recipes around for me to ignore.
If I don’t feel like baking my husband will. He does the Christmas baking and likes to try new recipes out during the rest of the year.
And if we’ve got plenty of baking around, then a pot of stew on the stove warms the house and fills it with an inviting fragrance.

Good food made with joy is a simple pleasure of life and a wonderful way to enjoy the seasonable cold. For that, I am grateful.


Penelope said...


Right now in Houston it is 40 degrees. It got down to 36ish (probably north of town for five minutes)earlier last week and you would have thought we were living in the frozen tundra.

Anyway, I am enjoying the cold. It's nice to have a month or so of sweater weather before the nine months of summer soon approaching.

-- P

Leah J. Utas said...

Hello Penelope. It's good to have you stop by. I'm glad you're enjoying the cold. It sounds like it's a nice treat for you.

It was -42C here this morning.

Hilary said...

Nice sentiments. We're expecting a balmy 5C (41F) tomorrow. I'm mighty grateful that we're not getting your temps.. this time. :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Enjoy your 5C. I don't know how long we're to be in the deep freeze here, but I do know that a chinook will eventually be along.

the Bag Lady said...

The B-bag L-l-lady is f-f-freezing, t-t-too!! It is -42 by our thermometer this morning. The Cowboy went to work, but was home again because his equipment wouldn't start - too cold.
The Bag Lady is grateful for the fact that he is home. He will feed the cows today, and chop some wood for the woodstove.
The Bag Lady will make some kind of comfort food for supper. Stew sounds good...

Crabby McSlacker said...

If you can be grateful for 40 below, you can be grateful for anything!

We just got into Washington DC last night from relatively-balmy California, and felt uncomfortably cold walking back from dinner--yet it was only in the high 30's or low 40's. So 40 below? I can't even imagine it.

Leah J. Utas said...

Bag Lady, I'm glad the Cowboy is home with you. It's waaaaay too cold to be working outdoors.

Crabby, the -40sC really ought to be experienced by everyone at least once.

Reb said...

Great photo Leah. I like your theory that we might have a nice summer because of the cold.

I am grateful to live in an apartment, where I don't have to shovel this crap in the extreme cold. In fact, I don't have to go out today at all!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Reb.
If you can avoid stepping into the great outdoors, then avoiding it is good.

Anonymous said...

Well now I am grateful that I am not where you are because I hate it when my nose hairs freeze!

Leah J. Utas said...

You're not alone in that, Holly.