Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Twosome -- Oh, Deer

Inquisitive mule deer take an afternoon stroll around town.
Readers of my blog know that I recently faced a happy problem: which manscript do I edit next?
I decided to go with the vampire western. It's been sitting a while now and is in need of some attention. As I read over a hard copy yesterday I realized my gift for understatement. It needs a hell of a lot of attention.

Here's a wee bit from Biting the Dust:

" 'You're granddad is a full-blood. It would probably set his canines on edge to have to smell that saloon.' He smiled broadly. 'Or you.' "

Reading's taken a bit of a beating lately. I devoted most of my efforts to finishing the rewrite of The Legend of Shallal. I'm pleased to report I got that done last week and have since printed out a copy for my husband to read.
Once that was out of the way I turned back to reading. I'm about to start L. Frank Baum's, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2005)
I didn't read children's books when I was a child. I'm making up for it now.
From the inside jacket:
"As beautiful and vibrant as Oz is, Dorothy still wants nothing more than to go home. But only the all-powerful Wizard of Oz can help Dorothy and Toto get back there."
I've only ever seen the movie.  I saw it young and didn't care for it. The Scarecrow reminded me too much of a clown and the Cowardly Lion annoyed me.
I'm so looking forward to getting my mind changed.
For more or to get in on the fun, please see the Women of Mystery.


David Cranmer said...

"Grandad is a full-blood." I like that! :)

the Bag Lady said...

Good for you for finishing! (and I agree with David.)
I am sure I've read the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and enjoyed it more than the movie. Hope you do, too.
Love the photo of the deer in town. But, of course, I always love pictures of wildlife.

Dawn said...

Congratulations for running it off. Did your husband read it through yet and give you his opinion?

I too am with you on the Wizard of Oz. Saw it when I was young, but have never read it as I never quite enjoyed the characters. Maybe I should follow your lead and see what I can see!

Clare2e said...

So glad you're back to the dusty bloodsuckers!

The OZ books are wonderful, especially with the original illustrations. Like with many good children's authors, things are implied without being explicit that make it a richer experience for reading grown-ups.
Baum's world creation is unique, unusual, and often grotesque in a way that still seems shockingly fresh. LOVE THEM! Please review after reading, and do try some of the others. I like the Scarecrow of Oz as a fave.

Laura K. Curtis said...

Oh, Deer indeed! Love them. And the sentences.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Bag Lady. They sauntered up the street in the mid-afternoon not a care in the world.

Dawn, he's only partway through. He liked how it started, but hasn't said much since.

Thanks, Clare. It's something for me to...um...sink my teeth into.

I see there's some agreement on the movie. I'll get to the book shortly. I'll let everyone know what I think.

Thanks, Laura. I live on the edge of town hard by a forest. Deer come to town all the time though mostly at night. We get moose sometimes, the occasional skunk, a fox lives by the railroad track and I had a black bear wander into my yard last summer. It's quite something.

Dorte H said...

Ah, I like under-statement and irony, and it is quite difficult to pull it off in writing, but you do it very well!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks so much, Dorte.

Reb said...

Lovely photo. I like your lines, not sure if I ever read the Wizard of Oz.

Hilary said...

I've never read it either but did like the movie at various stages of my life. Love that deer!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Reb.

Hilary, the deer were quite a home here.

messymimi said...

Baum wrote 14 Oz books, and lots of others. I've read all of the Oz series and some of the others, all as an adult. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Your lines are as intriguing as ever, even if you think the ms needs work.

Leah J. Utas said...

Messymimi, thanks.
I'm anxious to see how the first Oz book sits with me.

Dawn said...

Pleased that the vampire western is getting some attention. I want to read it one day!

And I love your photos. I wish we had deer roaming round our home like that.

Of course, I would have to keep hubby locked up!

Ron Scheer said...

Reading Zane Grey now. Wonder if I'll find a vampire in any of his characters...they can show up anywhere.

Leah J. Utas said...

Dawn, I'll see what I can do. The ms needs plenty of attention.
Thanks, re: pic. Deer wander the town all the time at night. Now that we have snow we can see where they go.

Ron, you can't turn your back on them.

The Merry said...

A vampire Western? I hope it has lots of romance and mystery in it as well. Cover all the genres.

Leah J. Utas said...

The Merry, romance, yes. Mystery? Not yet. It needs a rewrite so who knows what'll happen.

Cheryl Kohan said...

The deer are so dear! :-)

This week's "twosome" is terrific. Have you decided to go for the novella collection?

Leah J. Utas said...

Cheryl, I'm doing an exercise in worldbuilding right now. I can see where I can expand the story.