Monday, April 28, 2014

Gratitude Monday --Crunch Time

I am very grateful for chiropractors. They don't get their due and that's a shame because they do good work.

A nasty cough recently messed up my back including displacing a rib. Assorted back muscles have done their darnedest to compensate for it in the only way they know how.  I'll skip the details, but in short I didn't have a comfortable position to lie in and turning over was quite a big, painful deal.

Massage, essential oils, ice when needed, heat when needed, and rest have done been a great help, but it's the chiropractic adjustments that have made the greatest difference.

I'm getting another one this morning, the third for this issue and quite possible the last. I'm looking forward to it and am very grateful for the skilled help I am receiving.


the Bag Lady said...

I certainly hope that this is the last treatment you will need. Chiropractors have saved my bacon more than once!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, BL. They do fine work.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad you found something that helps, sounds like a painful thing to deal with! Hope you're back to 100% very soon, and enjoy getting crunched!

messymimi said...

A good chiropractor can be invaluable, as my Sweetie and his brother know.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Crabby. I actually quite like the crunching.

Messymimi, so very true.

Hilary said...

I'm glad it's helping. I need to find one where I am now. I had amazing (albeit slow) help from a chiropractor a few years back for a frozen shoulder. When you body structure is out of whack.. all sorts of things go wrong. Here's to you feeling fine after this appointment.