Friday, July 3, 2015

Photo-Finish Friday -- A Weird Effect

We spent Canada Day in Banff National Park doing a few hikes and then having a picnic at the end of a side road at the top of Bow Pass.
There's a hike to do that takes a person up the peak at the center of the photo. 
If you look above the tree line you can see a snow pack.
Our picnic spot.

I point this out because Mike hiked up there while I waited.
I took the following pic of him which, by some oddness, looks like I am shooting downward.
It's weird, but I like it.
If anyone has an explanation I am all ears.

Please click to enlarge the photos.

I shot up, but it looks down.     


Tabor said...

Probably has something to do with the perspective of the trees in the foreground and the fact that the snow is white and therefore lacks perspective. Snow, what a lovely sound in this heat!

solarity said...

Knowing it is up, I can see that if I try. But I have to try.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

DJan said...

I am used to seeing snowfields like that here, but not this year. It's just plain old HOT. Loved the feeling of that picture, even if you weren't really looking down at him. :-)

Leah J. Utas said...

Maybe so, Tabor. But it sure is odd.
Mary Anne, even though I took it, I still can't see it as up.
DJan, thanks.

the Bag Lady said...

How very strange that the perspective is off in that manner. Cool photo, regardless. (did you see what I did there? hahaha)

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Bag lady. And yup.

Anonymous said...

Depending on how I look at it, I can see both. Up or down, it was a great shot1

messymimi said...

If it had been developed from old fashioned photographic film, i would have wondered if it somehow got reversed in processing. As it is, i have no explanation but it's a great photo and i am glad you got to have a day out there for Canada Day!