Monday, March 20, 2017

Gratitude Monday --Yay Spring Edition

Spring arrived this morning. I am so grateful. Not because it means the end of winter, but because I appreciate having definite seasons. They often overlap or get downright confused with a +20 Christmas Day one year and snow in July another, but they have their own style of weather and that's what's important.

Spring is also a very optimistic time. Plants start up believing in the sun and rain and the soil, animals mate believing in replenishing life, and humans? Well, the nice warm days and longer light makes most of us feel better.
So it's a new season, and in many ways a new year with a new life cycle, and for it I am grateful.


solarity said...

Every spring I believe that this year I will keep the garden weeded. According to the calendar if I'm going to plant peas I should have done it already, so I'd better get my plans arranged.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Virginia Lee said...

Spring is my favorite season, honestly. This year I have two springs. The one in North Carolina that was already well in thro and the one that will be happening soon here in Newport. I've already spotted bulb tips poking out of the ground in our yard and there are buds beginning on the trees. :)

crabby said...

Spring is a funny one for us, because we go from a warmer southwest coastal climate to a still chilly northeastern one--it's like traveling back in time a couple months. But it means we get to see two springs commence, so that part's pretty fun. Like you, I'm grateful for the change of seasons, even if I'm too wimpy to experience the one that follows fall and precedes spring, the Season that Shall not be Named but that requires gloves and scarves and hats. Brrr.

messymimi said...

Spring and fall both mean lovely weather, cool but not cold, comfortable instead of steaming hot. Happy Spring!

Tabor said...

Humans are much nicer this time of year, I think.