Monday, April 3, 2017

Gratitude Monday - The Happiest Problem Edition

The other day I was flummoxed. I could not decide what to have for lunch.
All manner of food awaited preparation. I could have gone to any restaurant I wanted.
The issue was I did not know what I wanted.
As I pursed my lips and knotted my brow it occurred to me that it was one of the happiest problems a person could have.
I have food.
I have money.
I have my own transportation.
My sole issue was not knowing what I wanted to eat.
There are people in the world, some may even live on my street, who do not know if they are going to be able to eat today never mind what to have. They'd likely be delighted faced with such a decision.
It was the kind of a problem I am grateful to have had.


Anonymous said...

This one is truly food for thought. Thank you for the constant reminder to remain grateful for my awesome life.

messymimi said...

There have been times where i didn't know what or if i was going to eat. It does make you grateful for having this problem.

solarity said...

I have gone hungry because I was away from home and could not find anything to eat that my allergies would tolerate. It is doubly frustrating to have money to buy food and still not be able to eat.

A parallel problem is not knowing what book to read. I haven't much to spend on books, but I live in a large city with a good library system, and I own about two thousand books, most of which are with me because I want to re-read them, although some of my parents' books are still with me because of inertia (especially the duplicates) and there are times when I look around at all the books and can't decide what I want.

Mary Anne in Kentucky