Monday, May 14, 2018

Gratitude Monday - Winds Of No Change Edition

Yesterday I spent just the right amount of time outdoors.
The day was hot, sunny, blue, and quiet, as the best Sundays are and for it I am grateful.
I got a bit of work done, too, but most of my time was spent sitting and listening to the wind.

It was relaxing and that's great, but it also spoke to me in a new way.  It made me think about how nothing in life is permanent and that led me to consider the material possessions I have and what will come of them.

A few might be taken by family, assuming I outlive the ones who would take anything. And then I thought about my pictures. I have thousands in hard copy and that again in digital.
They are great to have, but they ultimately serve no purpose.
Yes, I know, old photos go to museums and history books, but that is only a few. The rest?

The wind blew and told me everything blows away with it. In the end there will still be winds blowing over the earth when I, and all I own, are long gone.

I am grateful to have the possessions left to me by family, but they don't mean anything to anyone else, and as I get older and see things differently, having them means less to me.
It is the possession of the material object that loses meaning, not the love and energy of what the objects represent.

I am nowhere near ready to get rid of these possessions. I  will someday, and it will hurt to see them go, but the memories stay.  They are what is important and they are permanent for as much as mental energy can be permanent.

So possessions can come and go with the wind, but the wind will always be, and for all of this I am grateful


messymimi said...

There are only a few objects i am glad ot have from family, and i know which family will get them after me. They aren’t very valuable, they are just a connection to our past that i hope doesn’t get lost.

Leah J. Utas said...

It's good to keep those links, Messymimi.