Monday, March 25, 2019

Gratitude Monday -- The Magic Cupboard

This morning when I opened the cupboard to get some cooking oil I saw lurking at the back a large container of olives. This was a wonderful vision, and for it I am grateful, but it was an unexpected one. I'd opened the 3L container of Kalamata olives a few weeks ago.
We love these olives. The nearest source for these containers ( 231-260 large olives in each) is Edmonton so we buy three at a time usually and they last us perhaps a year. We stocked up last April so opening the last remaining container recently was no surprise, but I took a second look afterward to make sure.
I moved several containers around to make sure it was the last of its kind and realized, with a pang, that when it was gone we'd have to find a reason to go to the city.
This morning's discovery was the very happiest of surprises, but similar things have happened in the past.

We used to have a magic freezer. I'd think I'd be out of something and then one day, there's be one more of it in with the other frozen foods.
It started about 25 years ago when we got some sauerkraut from Mike's dad in the fall. It was so good that we went through it quickly, probably less than two months.
I craved it and looked several times in the freezer in a case a container had fallen way down to the bottom and gotten covered. I emptied the freezer. I rearranged the contents. Nothing.
Then one day in the following March I went in to get something and there was a container of it, sitting almost on top of the rest of the food.
Oh yes, I was grateful.
Over the next few years similar things happened with that freezer . I dubbed it "The Magic Freezer" and often wondered if I was ever really out of anything.

We had to get a new freezer last spring. I am not sure if the magic has transferred to the new one or not, but if not, then at least it found a new home in the cupboard.


messymimi said...

It's funny, i was thinking of you the other day, and wondering when you would write another Gratitude Monday post.

What an amazing gift, to have things you were sure you were out of just appear. Enjoy!

Leah J. Utas said...

Thank you for thinking of me, Messymimi.

Oh, yes, I certainly do enjoy this gift, and it is always a surprise.

Tabor said...

We get surprises like that sometimes...not exactly with olives or saurkraut...more likely ice cream or butter. Less healthy than your diet I guess.

Leah J. Utas said...

I'd be happy with surprise ice cream, Tabor.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

This is akin to my Bermuda Triangle happenings. Maybe some reverse phenomenon. You know. You place something - glasses, keys, change, a bag of candy, a hank of yarn - on a table or somewhere normal and obvious. You return to pick it up and it's just not there. It's plain gone, and no amount of searching brings the item back. Then; days later, it is suddenly right there. In the very spot you placed it, and where you and unlucky family members have been looking at least four times each.
I think your freezer and now your cupboard has found a much nicer use for the transportable Bermuda triangles. Congratulations.

Leah J. Utas said...

Transportable Bermuda Triangles? I like it, Uglemor. Now if I could just find a way to control them.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one to find something in the fridge after looking previously several times for a bag of fresh vegebtales. An engaging post, Leah.

Barbara Martin said...

By the way, great photo of the Rocky Mountain Goat for your cover.

Leah J. Utas said...

Why thank you, Barbara.

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