Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Abundance Cheque Time

It’s new moon today and that mean’s it’s time to write yourself an abundance cheque.

Take a blank cheque from your chequebook and write your own name in the pay to the order of line.
In the dollar amount box at the end of that line write “Paid In Full.”
In the amount line write “Paid In Full”
Sign it “The Law of Abundance.”
In the memo line write “Thank You.” This optional, but you’ll never go wrong saying thanks.
Do not put a date on it.
Put the cheque away somewhere and don’t think about it.

If your don’t have a cheque book or you’ve run out of cheques, simply draw one and fill it out accordingly.

Plenty comes in many forms. It could be money, work, fun, or free time. It could even be an abundance of houseguests that bring you joy and happiness.

The endless supply of the Universe is for everyone and will get you what you need.

Cheques need to be written every month on the new moon. Find out the time of the new moon in your area and write your cheque within 24 hours of it.

You can find the new moon times in your area here: http://skytonight.com/


Talia said...

I can't help thinking that this post is inconsistent with the one immediately preceding it.

In order to bring abundance into your life don't you have to be open and receptive to all the good that the Universe has to offer? And in order to do that, I believe it is necessary to release all negative thoughts and feelings and to declutter your life of thoughts and things that hold you back.

JMTCW! Getting some debate going here.

PS re: your previous post do you mind if I blog about it and ask my readers to offer their opinions on being sensitive to people with mental illness?

Leah J. Utas said...

Why certainly. Blog away, Talia. I'm interested in the responses.
Yes, you have to declutter. If you want good, then you've got to make room for it.
Making room takes time and effort. It can be difficult to release pain and negativity.
Writing about this is one way for me to do it.
I'm glad for the debate. It gives me a chance to give some critical thought to my stance and to hear other views.

Talia said...

Yes writing/journaling works well. I'd be inclined to separate the two if it were me because they probably have different audiences. I think a journal about your life with your sister could attract quite a following!

Anonymous said...


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