Sunday, April 15, 2007

Many Swans A-Swimming

We saw swans yesterday. We don’t see them that often and it was a treat.

They were in a small pond of water in a farmer’s grain field about 30 miles west of Red Deer. They were too far away for me to count, but I’d say there were at least two dozen of them and I’d say they were Trumpeters.

Spring is a wonderful, life-affirming time of year and this year is wetter than we’ve had in quite some time. I think the ducks and geese and swans are happy having all those pools to choose from.

We saw plenty of red-tailed hawks, too. Some were in flight, but most of them were perched on fence posts staring intently down at the stubble for a snack.

What we didn’t see were red-winged blackbirds. We’ve had open water for a while now and there are plenty of cattail marshes around.

I suppose I’ll have to be patient. I’m sure they’ll be along any time.

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