Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sign From The Universe

I got a sign from God/Universe recently. I asked for it to be an obvious sign so I wouldn’t be able to dismiss it.

It was.

And now I’m booked into a reincarnation retreat in Montana next month with featured speaker Dr. Barbara Lane.

I’ve read her books. A few years ago my husband went with his family to one of her weekend workshops in Calgary and brought me back all three of her books. I read two of them right away and started the third, then put it down to finish later.

Last week I decided that I had to catch up on my reading and that meant finishing about half-a-dozen books that I’d begun reading in the past few months and years. Just last Wednesday I finished Lane’s book Echoes From Medieval Halls. (A.R.E.® Press 1997 4th Printing 2003)
The brochure advertising the retreat was in the following day’s mail. The retreat is hosted by Association For Research and Enlightenment ® and my membership number was on the address. That’s perfectly sensible.

Except I haven’t been a member of the A.R.E.® in 11 years.

Among the sessions is “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose.”

I’d been wondering what else I was supposed to do. I’ve had a feeling for the past few years that writing and hypnotherapy are only part of it. I’d asked the Universe for a sign to show me what else I should do.
This is clearly the sign.

Thank You, Universe, for making it obvious.

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