Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rudimentary Gratitude

This morning I started thanking the Universe before I got out of bed. Sleepiness lends a bit of clarity to my thoughts, in an odd way, because I’m too tired to think of anything except the thought itself at its ground level.
No fancy words come to mind, no clouding the issue with explanations, just the idea in its rudimentary form.

It occurred to me that I was grateful for this clarity. The feeling associated with thankfulness gets through easier when I’m not paying any intellectual attention.

It went like this: I’m grateful for the time I have to thank the Universe before I get out of bed.

That led to: I’m grateful that I can get out of bed.

Which in turn became: I’m grateful that I have a bed.

This seemed like a very good starting point for the day.

It reminded me to not take for granted the advantages I have, nor complain too much about any perceived shortcomings in my life.

Are they really there? If I gave it much though I could whine and bellyache with the most accomplished of negativity purveyors.

I choose not to.


rebecca said...

Good for you

Dawn said...

I'm grateful that although the wind disconnected power all over the place last night, I had a nice warm fire to sit beside.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I have more to be grateful for than I could possibly list--thanks for the reminder!