Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Everywhere A Sign

My guides explained that signs and signals from the Other Side come in many forms. It is important to know this because your trigger might not seem positive.
It might be a tragic event that spurs you on to help others. It might come from meeting someone you don’t like and that itself is a learning experience.

“They are showing you something about yourself that you don’t want to see. They are challenging you, yes challenging you, to be a loving being and treat all with love. For they are part of it too, playing a very significant role to open and challenge,” said Moondrop.

“You do not have to continually associate with these people, but you must recognize the lessons for what they are, a challenge and a call to love. This is what we ask of you, to meet and acknowledge and yes, stand atop these challenges as conquered. Conquer them with the only weapon you will ever need: Love.”

“And I hasten to add,” said Moondrop, “that even if it is someone to which you have an instant aversion, know and accept this: You are being given a sign. This emotional recognition, this is something for you to know and see and acknowledge. Beyond treating this person with love, it is well possible this is someone from your Soul Circle who has chosen to give you this lesson. You are being awakened.”

“The strength of the aversion may be to ensure that you listen, listen and learn, because you are being shaken awake. Emotion touches you deeply whether it is love or this kind of instant aversion.”

Look to your reaction. Are you drawn to this person, or are you drawn to ways to avoid this person? The guides said it’s because this person has something to teach or show you.

“There is something you need and it may be, in fact it probably is, someone who loves you deeply and dearly and to whom you have a strong emotional many-lives attachment. It may seem like adversity, but that can be the greatest teacher. So many of your greatest lessons have been from those with whom you fought, those for whom your reactions were emotional.”

“Not an enemy so much, no, not even a rival, really. Someone who touches you deeply and causes you to lay bare your emotions. Know this, know this and work with it. There is much raw material in these encounters and they teach you, teach so much.”

“Have these emotions, and thank the being who chose to live a life away from your love. Know this, too. He or she is not really away from your love at all. It is there. If there were no love, no emotional attachment, there would be no strong reaction. The opposite of love is indifference.”

Understand that there is caring and not caring, they added. You choose to feel that you despise someone and that is caring because this person has an emotional hold on you. If your feelings are impersonal, if he or she does not touch you, then it is indifference. But even with indifference, love can be found. Offer love and accept it if it is offered to you.


bunnygirl said...

What a great post! These are definitely some things I needed to hear today.

Dawn said...

I agree that life's lessons can turn up in any shape or form and that we don't always recognise them for what they are.

Crabby McSlacker said...

You're so much higher-minded than I am!

If I meet someone to whom I have an instant aversion, I figure it usually because they're an a--hole and I stay far away from them.

I think I'm pretty nearsighted when it comes to the universe's Signs.

ed said...



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