Friday, August 10, 2007

More Wisdom From My Guides

If we each make even the smallest, positive, loving change in our daily lives it’ll have a significant impact on the energy surrounding the world.
Using the power of your mind is a good way to get it going. Meditation opens your mind. With this opening comes a newfound understanding that opens your heart to others.
“Love is incomplete without understanding and we need to understand in order to change,” said the guides.
“The only failure in life is if you steadfastly refuse to listen to the voice of your soul telling you to do more. Or that you are dissatisfied and you think more money and a bigger car and a better more expensive vacation will ease your troubles.”

“I say they will not,” said Moondrop. “They will only fill in part of an ever-deepening void in your life because your soul is not being touched.”

Instead of trying to fill the void inside you by acquiring more objects and loading up on junk food and junk information, look at your soul. In it you’ll find the way to inner balance and to becoming a love warrior.
“You don’t know this,” said the Master (Moondrop), “but on a very deep level every person alive feels the pain of another. Not in the physical sense, but on the level where all are connected it is sensed. For the more sensitive among you perhaps even a fleeting bit of despair is felt.”
“You hold God in the palm of your hand when you reach out for another,” said Geon.
“God’s love is to be given and shared. If you don’t receive it back it doesn’t matter because even when you give it you are feeling it. Love is what counts, not getting it back.”


Dawn said...

I haven't got to the place where I can truly understand all of this, Leah, but I do believe that it is all about the journey, rather than the destination.

Crabby McSlacker said...

A lot of wise words from those guides of yours, Leah! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Leah J. Utas said...

Yes, Dawn. You're right. It is all about the journey.

I'm happy to share the guides' words, Crabby. They want me to.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


There are some beautiful thoughts here and I think the underlying gift we give to ourselves is to move toward being more loving each day and we can't go wrong.