Thursday, September 23, 2010

Firing Up The Foursome

Now that I've got your attention I must apologize. The following post will not live up to your expectations.
Fall is a magic time of year. The leaves turn, the world cools, and Nature snuggles down for a long winter of sleep.
My mind does the same thing as it is also the time of year when the new television season starts. Favourites return and shiny new shows are trotted out for all to enjoy. Or not.
Last night The Tudors returned for its final season, The Defenders premiered as did Undercovers, all at 9 p.m. A new comedy Better With You also started, but at 9:30 p.m.
I never know my husband's schedule so the safe thing to do is record all of them. This meant firing up both DVRs and both VCRs. The old VCR is 20 years old and has served me well. Usually it is dedicated to taping newmagazine programs for my FIL. Last night it got reassigned. I hope I remember to switch back the tape so he isn't stuck watching a show I know he will not care about.
Why do we have four recording devices?
Because we wanted to have two DVRs that we could use at the same time. Each DVR requires its own host VCR. I believe the VCRs have a patch cord between them in order to feed the cable to them. Two other boxes let us switch between the two systems.
We've had the set up for two years. I think last night was the first time all four were recording together.
Tonight The Mentalist is back and so is Fringe. We can watch the first one live, but Fringe will be taped. And recorded. I've messed up a few times with it and on one occasion only got half an episode. Another time I missed the memo that some channels had been re-ordered. That hurt.
So tonight it's being collected on a DVR and a VCR, one set to Fox, the other set to CITY-TV.
Eventually I'll weed out some of these new shows and the old VCR can go back to its sedate life of taping news shows.
Meanwhile, my mind is spoken for until further notice.


Laurita said...

Snuggling on the couch watching a good show is the best thing when the weather turns cool. I'm looking forward to the premiere of Dexter. :)


Leah J. Utas said...

Yes it is, Laurita. Our peasant cable doesn't bring us Dexter. It sounds intriguing.

VGoob said...

It always makes me happy when someone w/a big brain likes tv as much as I do. I love tv. If I had DVRs/VCRs, I'd be using them too. I do have On Demand service and that helps keep me from missing too much. I don't get the Tudors, alas, for I refuse to pay for premium channels. I figure if more than 100 channels can't keep me entertained, then I'm a lost cause.

It's too hot here today to have the tv/cable box connected before nightfall, so I'll have to satisfy my need for distraction w/this computer and, wait for it, a BOOK!

Skeery, eh?

(An aside in re: my verification word - it's clogerup. If only it had been a 'u' instead of that second 'o'...)

VGoob said...

Dangblast. It was clogerop, NOT clogerup. I'm a doofus.

This time it's depirkai. Exotic!

Leah J. Utas said...

"someone w/a big brain"
Thank you.
I've always loved TV. The new season doesn't excite me as much these years as it used to, but it still fires me up.
Book, huh? I may have to do that, too, but right now I have to sort out which recording devices to engage tonight.

Reb said...

Yes, sadly the new TV season is slowing my painting - ha! I can only watch one and record one though, so I am missing a few sitcoms, but I can catch them when the good shows have been weeded out and the crap is all that is left. By the time I find time to watch though, I will have hours and hours to sit through.

Leah J. Utas said...

I totally understand, Reb.
We may have to wait for the weekend to see some of the shows we've got.
At least they get weeded fairly quickly.

Dawn said...

That sounds confusing:) I am technically challenged...(yes! Even a VCR confuses me!)
Hopefully it all worked.
You will have a wonderful collection if it did....AND you have something else to do while the rain and gray carry on!
(Although....sunshine is trying hard to get through:)
Happy Weekend/Watching to you!

Leah J. Utas said...

Hi Dawn,

Most things have worked out and we've seen a lot of tv lately. The VCR didn't kick in for Fringe last night (the DVR did) so I had to reset it twice before it worked. Dunno what was going on there.
How 'bout that sunshine? Yay!

Nancy said...

LOL - we watch all the same things! The only difference is I get The Tudors through Netflix. We don't have the premium channels. I've taped Defenders, The Event, and of course Hawaii Five-O, for new ones. Happy to see Fringe back! I tape everything and watch it with no commercials. Zipping through those babies is worth every cent for the DVR.

Happy viewing.

Leah J. Utas said...

The new season is quite something, Nancy. I went in thinking there'd be shows to dump soon, but most of these are keepers.

The Tudors has stayed really good, and I am so looking forward to Fringe.

Ignoring the commercials is so much fun.