Monday, June 8, 2015

Gratitude Monday -- My Goat Legs Edition

I've really earned my goat legs this spring, and for it I am grateful.
What that means is I've done some hiking in the mountains and done it reasonably well.
On Saturday we did a hike out west called HooDoo Creek. It involves walking up the mostly dry and very rocky stream bed of a creek. About a km or so up the stream appears. That means crisscrossing it for the best footing.
Just past the one km mark there are some hoodoos. I will post pics another day.
Along with being in the mountains this hike has a 400 m elevation gain and it is gained through a steady climb. I stopped to rest every 50 to 100 metres. I've learned that as soon as I hear the partridge drumming it is time to rest so the blood can stop pounding in my ears.
I didn't go the whole way. I stopped about 200 m short of the 2.4 km end. There one can scramble up a fair ways to some  caves.
Mike went, I rested.
As far as I am concerned not only do I have my goat legs for the year this hike earned me a spare.
Once we were back down we drove a bit up the road, pulled out to a place near some trees, and enjoyed a picnic.
It was one of our best days ever and for it I am grateful.
HoodDooHike 024

If you look at the bottom of the pic just left of the stream you'll notice a narrow ledge. It's just wide enough for a foot. It was a very exciting part of the hike.


Tabor said...

you do have goat legs after that kind of hiking!

Crabby McSlacker said...

That ledge? You say "exciting" while I might say "terrifying," but either way, good job! So nice to see people take advantage of living somewhere so beautiful; too many hunker down in front of their tv's rather than get out on their goat legs and enjoy it.

solarity said...

You sure do know how to frame a mountain.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

Tabor, aye.
Crabby, when I say exciting I mean terrifying.
Mary Anne, thanks.

messymimi said...

Excellent! Hiking and earning your goat legs is another step in the journey to stay healthy, and i'm glad you took it.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Messymimi. I try to earn them every year.