Monday, August 8, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- It's All About You Edition

Thanks, all.

I really appreciate my readers. I am grateful you stop by to read me, and to those who leave comments, I thank you.

It's good for the heart, and the ego, to know that I am read. Agreeing with me is great. So is disagreeing with me.
I am glad either way.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

the Bag Lady said...

Yours is the only blog I read regularly any more - especially now that harvest time is here in the garden! (I have been ignoring my own blog so long, I don't think anyone would notice if I did post!!)

juniper66 said...

Same as me! I only read your blog - I did start a blog but gave up on it long ago. Trying to have a life off of computer....LOL
I enjoy your posts and Leah, if we all agreed on everything - we would be very boring. Need a little "difference" . :)

PS: So jealous that you saw mountains already this summer......I haven't been able to "get out there". Keep the pictures coming though! :)

solarity said...

I am very glad that your blog exists. I always enjoy reading it (and/or seeing it) even when my response comes not in words that I can post, but in the ripples of a pond swallowing a stone.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

solarity said...

P.S., BL I would notice if you posted again. That's what Blogger is for. But don't interrupt the harvest to do that (and before that the haying, and before that…yeah.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

You always post interesting and fascinating things, at least to me, and i enjoy reading here.

Bag Lady, i agree with Solarity, if you posted again, i would notice.