Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How I Spent My 2nd Cancerversary

Over the last few days I've observed my second cancerversary.  That is, I noted in passing the surgery day and then over the long weekend I noted the day I got home from said surgery.
I feel really good. I've been exercising and owe a large debt of gratitude to doing squats. Mountain hiking is easier now that I do them.
Yesterday we accidentally did part of a hike called Tuff Puff. We meant to do a ridge walk nearby, but found ourselves on the Kinglet Lake trail which is also the start of Tuff Puff.  We decided to go ahead and see how it went as it was a totally new hike to us.
Partway up we looked across to our favourite hike. We thought we went high on that one, but this new one took us at least twice as high and we only went partway on it.
I had to stop and rest here and there due to the steep pitches. Every time it looked like we'd reached the top we were wrong.
We went as far as the of the Kinglet Lake/Tuff Puff intersection and then a bit farther along the Tuff Puff hike, just because.
I am amazed I did this. I won't say I can't believe it because as soon as you take that mindset the thing you can't believe happened gets taken away. I refuse to have mountain hiking removed from my life.
I've gone on many hikes in the West Country over the years and always enjoyed them, but never gotten this far.
While I credit exercise I also credit not having cancer. My body feels lighter and has more energy.
It really is the preferred option.
Here are a few pics of me on the hike, and cancer, my ass!

Hopping right along. The silvery band in the middle distance is the North Saskatchewan River.

In an alpine meadow near where we turned around.

Squinting to take a photo near the Kinglet Lake/Tuff Puff  intersection.


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Hilary said...

Excellent. I'm so impressed.. with your spirit, your determination.. and your surroundings too!

messymimi said...

Brava! Well done!

solarity said...

So satisfying to be able to reach places of such beauty.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, all. I really appreciate your comments.