Monday, August 1, 2016

Gratitude Monday -- The Real Most Wonderful Time of the Year Edition

It's the best time of the year, food wise.
Blueberries and cherries are ripe and commercially available all around us for a reasonable price and for it I am grateful.
But the best of the best is the gardens are producing. We've had cucumbers and tomatoes from the inlaws for a few weeks now, zucchini as well, plus a few new potatoes. Yesterday we were blessed with more new potatoes, carrots, chard, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peas.
I spent a delightful few minutes shelling the peas. It is relaxing and it is easy to mark one's progress. But Mike offered to do it all so I let him while I attended to other matters of the kitchen.
The gardens and orchards are producing and for it I am grateful.


Tabor said...

She great things to be grateful for!!

messymimi said...

A bountiful harvest is a huge blessing!

Leah J. Utas said...

Tabor and Messymimi, garden produce is the best.

Anonymous said...

It all sound delicious!

solarity said...

Gardens, yes! I have another bell pepper growing to eating size, and many more tiny ones that I hope will survive.

Mary Anne in Kentucky