Monday, November 13, 2017

Gratitude Monday --Gummed Up Edition

Today I am grateful for gum.
This is nothing new, I've always liked it. But since I had braces in my 20s I got away from chewing it regularly.
Oh, I would on occasion, but not the way I did in my teens.
I've gotten back into it in the last year or so, keeping gum in the car. I occasionally have it, but mostly it is for my husband when he is driving. It keeps him alert.

However, that's not my point. Y'see I like to have something in my mouth, especially when I am writing. After I stopped smoking I used toothpicks, but I've gotten away from them in the past few years.
Why gum did not occur to me until a few weeks ago mystifies me, but that is what happened.
I started writing the current story in early October. It went well enough, but I wanted something to chew on as chewing, as the hogs are my witnesses, helps me think.
Finally one day soon after I started this story the little light went on: "Gum!" it blared in the way only a little light can.
So I bought some, and then another some, and I now keep a mint flavour and a cinnamon flavour right here beside me.
I swear it helps, and for it I am grateful.


solarity said...

I can see how that would help. Twisting my hair helps me think. I sort of got out of the habit during the sixteen years of short hair, but went back to it as soon as I grew it out.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

If i'm remembering correctly, a scientific study has proven that chewing certain flavors of gum increases concentration.

Leah J. Utas said...

Mary Anne, I get how doing something with your hands helps you focus.

Backed by science? Messymimi, that is so cool! Thanks.