Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello Is Wrong

Yesterday I received one of those annoying computer-generated phone calls. Of course I didn’t know that’s what it was when I answered so I foolishly said, "Hello."

Silly me.

Apparently that’s just not right.

Techno-voice perkily advised me, "That was an invalid response. To talk t-"

This irritated me greatly. Since when is a proper greeting invalid?

Does this sort of thing really work? Will enough people be intrigued to-–presumably-—press #1? Are we so careless, or curious, that we fall for this?

I hung up right then and there. I may never know where I went wrong and how to make amends.

But I must confess, I am curious.


Hello from Julia said...

Invalid Hello. What an interesting concept... Your previous post is interesting, too. Thanks for your comment and I'll definitely check in again.

Jessi said...

Lmao! I couldn't help but giggle, because I have a tendency to carry on conversations with such computer-generated calls. After all, I took the time to walk all the way across the room to pick it up, I might as well have a little fun talking to the recordings. I can just imagine what I'd be telling the voice when it said my greeting was invalid, lol.

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh, I always hang up on computer-generated calls. But LOL @ "hello" being an "invalid response"! *shaking head* :-D