Thursday, March 20, 2008

I’m It! I’m It!

Michael at Avatar Lore tagged me for a most interesting meme the other day. The object of the game is to take a book of more than 123 pages then turn to page 123 and quote the first five sentences of same.
The only quandary is what book to choose.

My husband likes to read me a bedtime story. It’s a tradition we’ve had for 18 years and currently we’re about half-way through Treasure Island. I considered quoting it except we’d just finished what is now my favorite book ever, To Kill A Mockingbird.
I read it way back in high school when the Earth was young and the continents had barely settled. I thought it was okay.
Today I think the book is magnificent. I did not want it to end.
It’s been challenged. It’s been banned. It won a Pulitzer Prize.

Here are the first five complete sentences of page 123 of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

"She seemed seven feet high.
I felt Calpurnia’s hand dig into my shoulder. ‘What you want, Lula?’ she asked, in tones I had never heard her use. She spoke quietly, contemptuously.
‘I wants to know why you bringin’ white chillun to nigger church.’ "

I rather like being tagged for memes and I am grateful Michael thought to include me. I find them fun. Under the rules of engagement for memes I am to challenge, entice, rook, bamboozle, or otherwise induce five others to play. Why not join the fun? Consider yourself tagged.

Oh, and Happy Spring everyone.


Reb said...

This seems like a fun meme, so I will consider myself tagged.

I have never read "To Kill A Mockingbird", believe it or not.I have meant to, I just have never gotten around to it.

the Bag Lady said...

Great choice, dfLeah. The Bag Lady seems to recall reading this years ago, but should probably hunt it up and re-read it!

Leah J.Utas said...

Thanks for playing, Reb.
I strongly recommend reading (and re-reading, dfBag Lady)"To Kill A Mockingbird," and I absolutely love Scout.

Michael said...

Good stuff! Thanks for playing, Leah. I've never read it, either. It's not exactly my genre, of course, but I have been known to read a few books that aren't SFF (and I'm not counting books I had to read in college). So, we shall see... :)

Penelope said...

I heard someone argue the other day that To Kill a Mockingbird was outdated.

Can you believe that?

Of all the things I've taught over the years, that's one of the few the kids always enjoy.


Leah J.Utas said...

Glad you thought of me, Michael.

Karen - Outdated? No.

Polly Kahl said...

Thanks for the reminder Leah, it's time to read this great book again. Definitely timelss.