Monday, March 8, 2010

Gratitude Monday - Seasons

The sun has been shining lately. It's been warm and bright and melty around town.
It's a nice change after having everything locked up with cold.
I enjoy the running water, the mud puddles, and the promise of life renewed.
I am grateful for the change of seasons. I know many people who say they'd like to move to a warmer climate. Some days I'm inclined to agree though only briefly.
I need a definite change in seasons. Too hot in summer puts winter in perspective. A too cold winter does the same.
I like to see the ground covered in white as much as I like to see it covered in green. I like to see the trees turn to red and gold. I love the sound of the fallen leaves skittering along the ground on a cool, windy autumn day.
Soon we'll hear the honking geese and the trilling cranes headed north for the too-short summer.
Of course we're nowhere near done with winter. There'll be more snow soon and a few more truly cold nights. But that's okay. Winter's back is broken and spring is on the way.
The picture is from our trip to BC last Thanksgiving weekend. It's along the highway just north of Kaslo.


David Cranmer said...

Marvelous pic.

And it was nice in Maine also. I spent the weekend (with my charmer in tow) alternating between writing/editing inside and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

messymimi said...

Yes, we wouldn't be grateful for one season without the others.

I also like seeing white on the ground, in pictures. Really I couldn't live with it long term because cold causes me serious pain.

Love the picture.

the Bag Lady said...

dfLeah - I agree, for the most part. I think I would really miss the change of the seasons if I lived somewhere where they weren't as extreme. But the older I get, the more I dislike winter. On the other hand, the older I get, the more grateful I am that I'm still around to see the change of the seasons!!

Leah J. Utas said...

David, thanks. That sounds like a great way to spend some time.

Messymimi, thanks. I'm all for experiencing cold as long as their warmth close at hand.

dfBag Lady, yes, I agree about being around to see it. I've always appreciated the seasonal markers, but more so now.

Anonymous said...

I love gratitude Monday...such a good idea. And to think about Seasons...just when I'm tired of the cold, spring jumps up. (P.S. I love the idea fighting naked with naked. :-)

Leah J. Utas said...

Writing Without Periods, thanks. I need the changes to be obvious as I need all the help tracking time I can get.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm glad not to have to deal with a true winter, but it's true you don't get all the glorious contrast of the seasons when you live this far south. It all sort of runs together. It's cheaper and safer to never have to worry about winterizing a car or slipping on an icy sidewalk, but the seasonal aesthetics are poor when you don't have red leaves in fall or white snowbanks in winter.

Clare2e said...

Lovely picture, and I like seeing all four seasons, too. Here in New York, they shave about 10 degrees off the top and 30 off the lower extremes of Chicago, though you wouldn't know it to hear the natives complain : )

It's a milder, but definite winter, and a cooler, but real summer. Being the changeable creature I am, I really like to savor them all in their turn, though vacationing in a seasonless paradise is always welcome.

Leah J. Utas said...

I can't say I'm fond of winter driving, Bunnygirl, but it's what I'm used to.

Clare, a nice warm green winter vacation is always welcome.

Hilary said...

So true. As much as I can gripe about winter, I know I wouldn't appreciate my beloved summer quite as much as I do when I look forward to its warmth at this time of year. Our seasons give us so many good things. For this, I'm also grateful.

Leah J. Utas said...

Yes, they sure do, Hilary.

Barbara Martin said...

I appreciate four seasons too, and I'm not looking forward to a hot humid summer in Toronto. The photo is a lovely invititation into higher elevations to escape the heat on the plains.