Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alberta Election --Thank You, Allan Hunsperger

Albertans go to the polls next Monday. It is very possible that after 41 years in power, the creaky old Conservatives will be ousted in favour of the new, shiny Wildrose Party.
Wildroses are, in general, disaffected Tories. Some are former Tories kicked out for speaking out. For others, the Conservatives were simply not conservative enough.
This brings me to Wildrose candidate Allan Hunsperger, a pastor who has offered up for public consumption his views on gays and lesbian.
If gays and lesbians go about their lives he has written: "You will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering.”

The blog post he put it in has since been taken down.
He also doesn't like it that Edmonton's public school board has made efforts to welcome gay and lesbian students. He has an honest belief that gays and lesbians can and should change.
You can read more about his interesting  world view.

He's scary. His thinking disturbs me.  I don't want to live in a province where someone in power thinks this way.
Why in the world would I thank this man?

Because we're being shown what Alberta will look like if Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith becomes Premier.
She's sticking up for her candidate and his right to his personal opinion, and she's twisting it to make him look like a victim.
Sure, he has a right to believe what he wants, but please don't insult my intelligence by saying it won't colour the policies of a Wildrose government. He's not the only candidate who feels this way.
Smith has said her government will respond to what Albertans want. This kind of thinking will bring out those who feel the same and who will make it known what they want.
So thank you Candidate Hunsperger for bringing this to our attention while there's still time keep you and yours away from power.
Vote Early. Vote Often.


Reb said...

I hope at the very least we get a minority Gov't. One that has a bit of opposition does a slightly better job of towing the line I think. I really hope we don't get the Wildrose party in though. There was something else I heard about them...everything sounded good right up to the last bit, which sadly I can't remember, but was the same song & dance routine we get from all the other parties. As usual, vote for the guy that will do the least amount of harm.

Leah J. Utas said...

A strong opposition may be the best we can hope for, Reb.
Something's tugging at my memory about Wildrose, too. Something that sounded good on a superficial level, but if you gave it critical thought it was terrifying.
Yes, vote for the one who'll do the least damage.

Red said...

You've put your finger on the Wild Rose weakness. They are too loosey goosey. Free votes all the time? Hidden policies? Loud mouths like Hunsberger could go a long way to bringing about unwelcome changes.
thoughtful post.

Leah J. Utas said...

Thanks, Red. No matter what Smith says about her personal views of anything, the loudest Albertans will get the changes they want.

Tabor said...

All of these people who have the direct line to "God" and are powerful and important enoughto speak for him are certainly the devil's advocate in my book. They totally fail the "What would Jesus do?" question.

messymimi said...

As a Christian, i could not vote for these people. They scare me, even if i agree with some of their other beliefs.

Hilary said...

Crazy scary.

the Bag Lady said...

Ah, yes, politicians. Can't trust nor believe a one of 'em. I hope we, as Albertans, can chose a competent government, but I fear that is an impossible task.
As for Hunsperger, he is certainly entitled to his own opinion, even if it's wrong! We can only hope that the people in his riding vote for someone else.

Leah J. Utas said...

Tabor, that's exactly right. I sometimes wonder if they've read the Bible, cover to cover, for themselves.

Messymimi,I often wonder where these people get their ideas about Christianity.

Hilary, oh yeah.

Bag Lady, so true. Competent would be a pleasant change.