Sunday, March 18, 2007

Early Morning Feeds My Spirit

The time change has thrown me off my schedule a bit.

I like to get up early and get a good start to the day. I go outside for my morning prayer cycle under the stars or sun, and often have my first cup of coffee outdoors.
The fresh morning air awakens me. It charges up my brain for the day. Best of all, it’s quiet. Or it was quiet.
Trucks rumble by earlier now than they did a few years ago and with the new housing development a block over the neighbor seems unsettled and disturbed.
It’s still reasonably quiet, though. I shouldn’t complain. But I’ve slept later this past week, so claims the clock, and that means the neighborhood is waking up, too. It’s not as restful being outside in the mornings.

That’ll change soon. I’m an old farm girl and I like to get up with the sun.

I remember summer when I nine and 10. I’d get up before 5 a.m. to wander around the farm and the sun would long be up and already fairly high in the sky. This was a few years before that infernal Daylight Savings Time and 5 a.m. was really 5 a.m.

I got away from that when I was older and certainly didn’t get out of bed any earlier than I had to when I was working. Now I don’t have to get out of bed early. I do it because I want to.

I have my coffee and my quiet time, visit some websites, check the email, and write. If I get some words down before 7 a.m. I’ve had a good day already.
Early rising feeds my spirit. It opens and refreshes my mind and gets me ready to write, even when it turns out to not be a writing day.


Anonymous said...

I love mornings, too. But I think I'm allergic to them! Was up first thing Sunday morning to go out shooting pics... was tired all day. But Leah, were born in the morning or evening? I was born in the evening and think that really has something to do with it.


Leah J. Utas said...

Hey Amy,

I was born at 9 a.m.
Maybe that is a factor. I was a fall baby and autumn is my favourite time of year.